signs and symptoms of gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes is prevalent among women during the term of their pregnancies. Most will not even be aware that they are having the symptoms and will have no idea of what to expect. On diagnosis most women will exhibit a state of shock. Some of the signs of gestational diabetes are very similar to those of pregnancy and so are often overlooked. The blood sugar count remains at a constant high in the bloodstream. Like the other types of diabetes, if these symptoms are left unattended then disaster raises its ugly head.

The longer the blood sugar level remains on the higher side in the blood stream the higher the risk of entering a state of shock, this is extremely dangerous for the mother and the baby. Most often gestational diabetes wears off after the baby is born. The child faces the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes later on in life. Some signs of gestational diabetes are as follows, vision gets blurry, frequent urination, increased thirst that is constant, constant feeling of hunger accompanied by hunger pains. The potential diabetic experiences nausea and vomiting, fatigue, weight loss or gain, recurring infections in the vagina, bladder or skin.

Ever so often there are no symptoms. Gestational diabetes affects about 4 percent of all pregnant women. In most cases the blood sugar level returns to normal when the infant is born. Gestational diabetes as in the other types of diabetes hampers the way your body uses the glucose which is the body’s main source of fuel. This type of diabetes can be handled if healthy food is consumed and exercises are incorporated on a regular basis. In case the doctor has prescribed medication then it needs to be taken on time. Doing this religiously ensures a healthy pregnancy and a healthy start for the baby.

This type of diabetes occurs normally in the latter three months pre delivery. Gestational diabetes strikes women mostly who are overweight or thirty years of age and above. It is possible also in the case of a previous stillborn delivery or if the baby is overly large as in nine or more pounds at birth. Family history of diabetes also plays a major role as it is hereditary. Gestational diabetes is caused when hormones that are released by the placenta (tissue in the uterus which connects mother and baby) interfere with the insulin.

Pregnancy normally makes one feel hungrier and feels frequent need to urinate but that does not mean that one is suffering from gestational diabetes, though the symptoms are the same. In can be confirmed only after being tested for the disease. If a person has any of these symptoms then it is advisable to run a test. The signs of the disease are only recognized by the doctor even though the patient may be familiar with the symptoms. Most likely patients with gestational diabetes will later get the Type 2 diabetes, it may also lead to impaired glucose tolerance or the patient may face insulin resistance.

As in all cases of diabetes the diabetic needs to maintain his or her calm. Maturity should be displayed because believe me, there is nothing that can steal your life from you unless you allow it to do so. Bracing the issue at hand with the right approach will fetch you the desired results. Go ahead, be a brave heart!.

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