signs and symptoms of diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus is making its presence felt in a big way. Nevertheless it is not the end of the road. What exactly is diabetes? What are the warning signs I should be looking out for? Is it possible for anyone to get this disease? Is it curable? The questions can go on and on, diabetes is real and if detected in its early stages can be controlled and prevented from causing serious complications. The three main categories are Type 1(juvenile diabetics), Type 2 and Gestational diabetes. Whatever the kind there is something known as hope so grab hold of it!

The inability of the pancreas to manufacture the desired level of a hormone so vital to the conversion of glucose into energy causes the beginning of diabetes. Insulin is the name of the hormone. Sometimes, the pancreas manufactures the hormone in a very small quantity and that does not serve the purpose either. The symptoms or signs are very inconspicuous until later, by then the damage has already begun. Insulin works to keep the blood glucose levels normal.

Taking a closer look at the signs or symptoms of the killer disease shows us that even though it is serious it can be controlled and prevented. Two glaring symptoms are the frequent need to urinate and increased thirst. This happens because the glucose that is in excess in the body extracts water from the tissues, when this occurs, dehydration sets in. This explains the reason for increased thirst. A person may experience flu-like symptoms, fatigue, loss of appetite and viral illness. This is because the cells are not receiving enough of glucose.

Weight gain is another symptom as there is a tendency of increased appetite. A person tends to eat more that normal as the body is trying to compensate for lost sugar and fluids. It can happen the other way round as well and a person may lose weight even though he or she eats well. This happens because the muscle tissues do get the required amount of glucose to facilitate growth and energy. Another symptom by which diabetes can be identified is blurred vision. Here the elevated levels of sugar in the blood suck out the fluid from the body tissues and this includes the lenses of the eyes as well.

If you come across a sore that refuses to heal in the normal period of time or frequent infections including vaginal and bladder ones then make serious note of it. Neuropathy (nerve damage) is another sign of diabetes. This is known by a numbness, burning or tingling sensation in the hands and feet. At times there is a loss of feeling in the hands and especially in the feet. Sexual Dysfunction is also caused by the damage of the nerves. Diabetes can also be recognized by the swelling of the gums causing it to become red and tender. This happens when an infection of the gums and bones that holds the teeth pull away. The teeth become loose, pockets of pus forms in the gums. Oh! How painful that sounds.

So armed with some information it will be easy for you to identify this dreaded disease called diabetes and act accordingly. The more you magnify it the bigger it will seem to you. Relax! Take things one at a time. You will not know what to do unless confronted.

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