diabetes warning signs

The word diabetes may give you shivers, as it is the only disease that has affected large number of people who find it very hard to live with it. However, one need not worry as this disease is controllable. Though diabetes can be treated with help of medication and healthy diet, it always leaves scars on the mind of those who are suffering from it. The best way, to save yourself from the dreadful effects of diabetes, is to learn about it and keep a watch on diabetes warning signs. Our body always gives us warning signs when you are about to fall ill or encounter a disease. Awareness about diabetes can help you track the warning signs and treat the disease well in time.

Early diagnosis can help you fight diabetes and lead a normal life. Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes are increasing at an alarming rate and one needs to act wise to save himself. Diabetes is either caused due to family history or bad food habits and lifestyle. Many of us ignore this fact and repent only after diabetes is detected. This insulin related problem can worsen your state if proper care is not taken. Not only adults but children at young age are also finding it hard emotionally to fight diabetes. To avoid further problems, it is best to go through a medical check up after every few months or be a good observer and observe the changes in your body.

Here are most common diabetes warning signs that can help you in treating diabetes at an early stage.

A person may suddenly feel excessive thirst and drink loads of water every time. Often this sign is ignored thinking it is normal to feel thirsty. It is good to drink plenty of water, however elongated thirst can be a warning sign and one must not take it lightly. Other than excessive thirst, one will always find a dry mouth despite drinking liters of water. Along with this you will find yourself visiting the toilet frequently. You are also likely to suffer from urinary tract infections frequently. You may also experience excessive hunger and despite eating well you will lose weight.

Tiredness or fatigue is another diabetes warning sign that should be treated seriously. Blurred vision and frequent headaches are other common diabetes warning signs. Many a times warning signs of diabetes are ignored as they resemble normal aches and signs caused due to stress. However, these signs should not be ignored and one must immediately contact the doctor to further probe the reasons for these signs and symptoms.

Consulting a good doctor and conducting medical test will help you learn about the state of your body. If you are diagnosed with diabetes, worry not, as it can be controlled with the help of healthy lifestyle, nutritional diet and proper medication.

Your body starts showing signs at the early stage and if you detect them it will save you a lot of trouble that can be caused by this dreadful diabetes. Pregnant ladies should take care and have regular check ups to make sure they are not affected by gestational diabetes.

Early detection and understanding of these warning signs is the best way to fight this scary disease.

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