diabetes signs

Not only in America but people from several other countries are struggling to fight diabetes and lead a healthy life. It is sad but true that despite large number of people being vulnerable to diabetes, the warning signs of this disease are knowingly or unknowingly still ignored. Both, type I and type II diabetes is found in hundreds of adults and toddlers. Not only humans but you shall also find dogs and cats suffering from diabetes. Even pregnant females suffer from gestational diabetes that occurs due to certain hormones present during pregnancy. It is vital that you watch out for diabetes signs in your body so that you can take corrective measures. Diabetes signs are similar in both types, with type II diabetes showing symptoms little later in life.

Diabetes signs seem to be so minor that one can hardly believe to be affected by it. In diabetes the insulin fails to respond properly causing high blood sugar levels. This condition of body is not good and can result in something serious. One needs to be careful and watch out for diabetes signs to avoid future health complications. If diabetes is treated well in time it can save you from some serious health problems that can affect your kidneys and other parts of the body. The best way to lead a healthy life is to observe the changes occurring in your body.

Here are few warning signs of diabetes that can help you detect the disease at the earliest and begin medication to bring your sugar level to normal.

Excessive thirst – a person suffering from diabetes will have the urge to drink liters of water. When the glucose levels increase in the blood, your brain gives out a signal to dilute it and thus one tends to feel thirsty. In this situation drinking liters of water does not seem sufficient to quench the thirst.

Frequent Urination – one may feel dehydrated as the body keeps excreting the excessive sugar in the form of urine. You may urinate very often and may simply ignore it thinking it is happening due to drinking excessive water. A repeated urinary tract infection is also a warning sign of diabetes.

Excessive Hunger – the hormones responsible for diabetes in your body also make you feel hungry. This is not the normal huger and you get the urge to constantly indulge in food. You can blame this on high sugar levels for stimulating hunger.

Increased tiredness and fatigue – despite proper sleep and rest, a person who suffers from diabetes feels tired. Experiencing fatigue without doing any activity has to be treated as a diabetes signs.

Weight fluctuation – In most cases a person tends to shed off kilos despite eating proper amount of food. However, few people may experience increase in weight due to increase in their appetite. A sudden rise or drop in weight has to be taken seriously, as it is one of the important signs of diabetes.

Other diabetes signs include irritation, uneasiness, and blurred vision. People who suffer from diabetes also find problem in wound healing as the WBC fail to function properly.

Anyone and everyone can fall prey to diabetes and thus it is best not to ignore these diabetes signs. If you have been experiencing any of these signs, do not overlook them, instead book your appointment with your doctor today and begin fighting the dreadful disease at the earliest.

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