diabetes signs symptoms

Although it is said that diabetes signs and symptoms vary from a person to person, there are few common signs that can help you detect diabetes. Though the word diabetes sends shivers down your spine, it certainly can be controlled. Early detection of this disease will help you take proper medication helping you avoid further serious health hazards. Diabetes is said to affect each part of our body causing discomfort and uneasiness. Delay in taking the corrective measures can worsen the problem and leave you to struggle throughout your life.

When the insulin production gets affected in the system, one is known to suffer from diabetes. The high blood sugar levels cause discomfort in your body, however, the same can be maintained with the help of right food and medication. Insulin is known to extract glucose from the blood, however once the insulin fails to work, it leads to diabetes. Many signs and symptoms of diabetes seem to be minor and resemble to stress and this is one of the main reasons why most of us ignore them.

Diabetes shows numerous signs and symptoms with the help of which it becomes easier to detect the disease. Listed below are some of common signs and symptoms that can be found in a person suffering from diabetes.

Never ending thirst

If you find it hard to satisfy your never ending thirst, do not ignore this sign as it can be diabetes. If you have been drinking liters of water frequently more than the normal requirement and still feel dehydrated, then its time to get a check up done.

Excess Hunger

Indulging in too much of food throughout the day is also an indication of diabetes. You may feel constant hunger that will lead you to eat most of time. Eating more than the regular meals is another sign of diabetes.

Fluctuating Weight

Experiencing a sudden loss in weight despite eating nutritional meals is a symptom of diabetes. Diabetics tend to lose kilos regardless of proper diet. In some cases, due to the increase in the appetite people also gain excess weight.

Frequent Urination

Most common sign and symptom of diabetes is frequent urination. You may urinate more often than normal and this can cause discomfort to your body. Many a times a person also suffers from bladder infections that are recurrent in nature.

Tiredness and Fatigue

Feeling weak and tired for no reason is also a sign of diabetes. It is one symptom of diabetes that should not be overlooked.

Additional signs and symptoms of diabetes

Other signs of diabetes include fast breathing, smelling of breath, irritation, headaches, blurred vision, unconsciousness, dry mouth, infections, and severe abdominal pain. Blurry vision can also lead to complete blindness if diabetes is not treated well in time. Unconsciousness is suffered in extreme conditions and at times can also lead to death. Recurrent infections of skin and bladder must not be ignored as it can cause severe damage too.

Remember diabetes can affect any of us and it affects each part of our body. Ignoring these warning signs and symptoms of diabetes can result in serious health problem in the near future. Acting wise and being alert to determine the changes taking place in our body is the best way to fight diabetes and lead a healthy and carefree life.

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