diabetes signs in dogs

We all are aware that diabetes has affected humans on a large scale; however, very few of us know that even our pets like dogs are vulnerable to this disease. The good news is that diabetes in dogs is not as bad as it is in humans and your beloved dog can lead an active and healthy life. Just like humans, diabetes signs in dogs are also visible and can help you detect the disease at the earliest. As dogs can not speak or convey their discomfort, the owners need to pay minute attention to them and take them for regular medical checkups. Diabetes in dogs can occur at any age, even puppies are vulnerable to it and thus the owner has to be ever cautious about their health.

Insulin in the body helps to break down the food into glucose and feed it to each cell. However, in diabetes the insulin fails to act properly thus raising sugar levels in the blood. Due to excess sugar in the blood; the body feels uneasy, and can show signs of the same. Diabetes signs in dogs are kind of similar to that of humans. You can find them urinating and being thirsty frequently. They might become inactive suddenly and look disinterested in things. Though diabetes is not a common disease among dogs, there are still hundreds of dogs affected by it.

Here are some diabetes signs in dogs.

Due to excess sugar in blood, the body will want to give it out in the form of urine. This will make your dog urinate frequently and make him feel dehydrated. The increased thirst is also a diabetes sign seen in dogs. Your dog would feel excess thirst and would find it hard to satisfy it with any amount of water. As the sugar in the blood is not be used by the body, your dog will feel very hungry. You will constantly find him asking for more food. Your dog will also start looking tired and weak and will become inactive. A change in dog’s breath where it suddenly starts smelling sweet is an indication of it being affected by diabetes.

Although you find your dog constantly eating, he may still lose weight. Loss of weight despite eating well is a very common sign of diabetes in dogs. In extreme cases, the dog might also go into an unconscious state which can also result in sudden death. As the severity of diabetes increases you might see your dog vomiting and getting dehydrated frequently.

If you have been seeing any of these changes in your dog’s body or behavior, it is best to rush him to a Vet and get the disease diagnosed.

As we all know, diabetes can not be cured but can be controlled with proper medications. With the help of proper diet and medications, your dog can lead a healthy and active life. Female dogs should be cared for when they are on heat as they become more vulnerable to diabetes. Breeds that have a high chance of being affected by diabetes include Miniature Schnauzer, Poodles and Dachshunds.

Ideally all dogs should be medically examined monthly or as per the doctor’s advice. This way you can gift your dog a healthy life.

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