awareness of first signs of diabetes helps start early treatment

Diabetes is a serious health concern for millions of people around the world. Often the first signs of diabetes go totally unnoticed. The signs can be so minor sometimes that they are easily overlooked by many. However, it is very important for those suffering from the disease to get the right medical assistance at the earliest. Among the first signs of diabetes mellitus you would experience extreme thirst, excessive hunger, frequent urination etc. It is difficult to know high blood sugar level at home and these symptoms are among the early warnings that should get you to take quick action.

Usually the most consistent symptom of diabetes mellitus, both Type I and Type II is the elevated blood sugar levels. For those, suffering from Type I diabetes or juvenile onset diabetes, it is insulin dependent and caused by the body’s inability to produce enough insulin to regulate the blood sugar. Type II diabetes which is the more commonly found form of diabetes in people of all ages is caused as the body develops resistance to insulin which leads to its inability to use it properly.

Frequent urination is a very common sign of diabetes. The feeling of a full bladder and a need to visit the bathroom very often through the day and night are caused due to the increase glucose in blood. The high glucose level in the blood is due to the kidney’s failure to filter it due to the insufficient water content. This makes them draw the water from the blood to function properly. This in turn leads to diabetics feeling extreme thirst. You would notice your increased craving for water or any fluids. The cycle of need for more water and frequent urination goes on during the course of this condition.

Another sign is that of weight loss. As the body fails to utilize the energy from blood glucose, the fat and tissues in the body are used up, leading to weight loss. Even if you are eating more than you usually do, you do not seem to put on much weight. This happens more prominently among patients with Type 1 diabetes than those with Type 2 diabetes. The body cells also do not get sufficient energy. The food is not enough to replenish the lost energy and this leads to weakening and fatigue.

There are some physical and neurological problems that may arise that cause other symptoms like blurred vision, itchy skin etc. Other early signs of diabetes include long time taken for the bruises and cuts to heal. Any such injury takes a longer time than usual as the immune system is affected due to diabetes and that should be a warning signal for you. Similarly you may also feel increased itchiness of the skin or a dry feeling to the skin. The blurring of vision is also a sign of diabetes as it causes macular degeneration. Due to the excessive glucose in the blood you may even feel a tingling sensation or numbness of the nerves. However, this is not amongst the first signs and may be noticed at a later stage.

If you notice any of these early signs of diabetes you should immediately visit your doctor. If similar symptoms are noticed in children it may be caused due to Type I or juvenile diabetes and needs immediate attention. Similar signs are also visible in case of gestational diabetes. Immediate steps and medication is necessary so as to prevent more serious health problems.

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