alzheimer’s signs in diabetes

alzeheimer disease is just another threat to several Americans who have been living with diabetes for years. Alzheimer is a dreadful disease that destroys the brain cells and interferes with a person’s memory. This disease can prove fatal as it deprives a person from his/her daily life activities. Just like diabetes Alzheimer is a non curable disease. As this brain disorder was discovered by German psychiatrist Alois Alzheimer, the disease came to be known as Alzheimer. Today there are thousands of people battling life with both dreadful diseases like diabetes and Alzheimer. As per research, both the diseases are related to each other. Treating diabetes in early stage may protect you from Alzheimer disease. Understanding the Alzheimer signs in diabetes can help you take proper medication in time.

As experts quote, the person who has been affected with diabetes in the mid life, has high chances of suffering from Alzheimer in his/her old age. Some experts would not even mind calling Alzheimer as diabetes Type III. However if a person has been taking insulin and additional drugs to fight and control diabetes, he/she may lower have a risk of being affected with Alzheimer’s. As we all know precaution is the best way to protect our body from diabetes as well as Alzheimer’s, we need to take steps to understand its symptoms and take measures accordingly.

The best way to fight Alzheimer’s is to control diabetes well in time.

Here are some Alzheimer’s signs in diabetics.

Increased thirst and frequent urination is a common sign of diabetes. If you find yourself drinking liters of water and still finding it difficult to quench the thirst, it may be a sign of diabetes. The excess sugar in the blood is thrown out in the form of urine and thus one would need to visit the washroom often. Also sudden weight loss in spite of nutritional diet should be treated as warning sign of diabetes. Additional signs of diabetes include fatigue and tiredness, increased hunger, sweet smell of the breath, fast breathing, drowsiness, and blurred vision. In extreme conditions one may suffer from blindness, coma and heart stroke.

Diabetes affects every organ of the body and can prove fatal in the near future. Understanding the symptoms and taking proper medication on time can help you control the disease. If you have been suffering from diabetes right from your mid life, and are now more than 60 years of age, you need to be cautions as you have a high risk of Alzheimer’s. Here are some Alzheimer signs and symptoms that you should watch out for.

Loss of memory, if you find you are forgetting things more often and are not able to recall information, chances are there that you are affected with Alzheimer’s. If you find it hard to do regular tasks, or you get jumbled with the words and language, you should consult your doctor instantly. Other symptoms include, forgetting the road back home, misplacing things, change in mood and personality. These are warning signs that must not be ignored.

As both diabetes and Alzheimer are non curable diseases, a person affected with diabetes in early age has to take all the corrective measures to control diabetes. To learn more about Alzheimer signs diabetes, visit your doctor and seek all the information to arm yourself against this dreadful combination.

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