supplement your diet with pre-diabetic nutritional supplements

If you have been diagnosed as being pre-diabetic, i.e. if your fasting blood sugar levels are slightly below full-blown diabetes figures, then this could be the last chance for you to take aggressive action to thwart off the disease. Along with dietary and lifestyle changes, you can also supplement your diet with pre-diabetic nutritional supplements that could help you in your fight against acquiring the disease.

The first step that you should take upon learning your pre-diabetic status is to examine your lifestyle and dietary habits. Stop smoking immediately. Avoid or considerably reduce your intake of fast foods, sugary foods and fried foods. Contact your doctor, dietician or nutritional counselor and get yourself acquainted with a new and healthy diet. You should also procure a diabetic food pyramid guide that could show you the foods that you should eat and also the foods that you should avoid eating. Your new diet will have to contain low levels of carbohydrates, sugar and fats, moderate levels of proteins and high levels of fiber. This diet, combined with an exercise routine will help you to avoid the onset of diabetes or even delay it considerably.

Your new diet will therefore consist of large helpings of vegetables and grains, cereals and oats. You can also consume fresh fruits and drink their juices but in smaller quantities. Low-fat milk and milk products such as tofu and yogurt can also be consumed, albeit in limited quantities. Your selection of meats will need to be diverted towards lean or fat-free meats and you can also eat skinless turkey and chicken. The foods that you should avoid totally or severely restrict the quantities are sugary foods such as pastries, cookies and ice-creams, since the high levels of sugar in these products will push your blood sugar levels towards diabetes.

In your bid to change your diet, you might miss out on several key vitamins and minerals. Hence it would be a good idea to start taking pre-diabetic nutritional supplements. These can be taken in the form of pills, shakes or even a tasty nutritional bar. These supplements contain vital vitamins including vitamin A, B, C, D, E and other minerals such as zinc, chromium and potassium. These supplements provide nutrition for keeping your body energized while also fighting the onset of diabetes. Most of the ingredients in these supplements can improve the functioning of your pancreas and regulate insulin levels. Other ingredients in these supplements also help in lowering blood pressure or lowering cholesterol levels. In other words, these nutritional supplements can fill the void created by lack of vitamins or other minerals and help your body in even reversing your pre-diabetic state. However, be sure to consult your doctor before you start taking any nutritional supplement.

Therefore, you should take your pre-diabetic state seriously and act immediately to make suitable changes in your lifestyle. Embark on a fitness program, change-over to consuming healthier food and fruits and take the help of pre-diabetic nutritional supplements to compensate for any vital nutrients missing from your diet. This combination should enable you to defer or even fight-off the onset of diabetes.

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