sink your teeth into a tasty diabetic nutrition bar

If your diabetic condition has compelled you to stick to a strict diet, you might harbor hidden cravings for tasty yet healthy treats. In such a case, you need not worry since you can now enjoy the best of both worlds by sinking your teeth into a tasty diabetic nutrition bar.

Diabetics that have been addicted to fast food, fried delicacies and sugary delights might find that their new diabetic diet forbids them from even lurking near those foods. If you have diabetes, then your doctor might have shown you the food pyramid chart and advised you to go on a diet that could have low levels of fat, sugar and carbohydrates, medium levels of protein and high levels of fiber. In other words, you might need to eat more of vegetables, cereals and oats, moderate levels of fruits, low-fat milk and their derivatives, lean or fat-free meats and chicken, and extremely low levels of fried or sugary foods. This could be a tad harsh on your mind after gorging on years of pizzas, burgers, hot dogs, pastries and chocolates.

While your doctor might have your best interests in his or her mind, your mind might crave for sugary foods. Instead of falling prey to your sweet desires and eating unhealthy foods on the sly, a diabetic nutrition bar could offer the same pleasures without harming your body. These bars are available in many natural flavors such as Blueberry, Apple, Apricot, etc. They are also fortified with vitamins such as vitamin A, B, C, D, E, etc, and also contain other vital supplements such as Omega 3 Fatty Acids, calcium, potassium, iron and many other trace minerals. Some companies also offer various vegetables such as Parsley, Cucumber, Cabbage, etc in these nutritional bars. Most of these bars do not contain refined sugar although the sugar present in fruits and other ingredients in the bar will certainly need to be considered before you eat them.

Most of these diabetic nutrition bars contain oats which helps in lowering the glycaemic response, which in turn avoids your sugar levels spiking up after eating these tasty treats. These bars also help to control hunger pangs, which will enable you to remain comfortable until your next meal. In fact these bars make for great supplements for people that are in the pre-diabetic stage by controlling their sugar input without killing their craving for sinful sweets. Most of these bars also have low or no cholesterol, which could be good news for your heart. These bars are usually available in all health stores and you might even find information on them in your doctor’s clinic or various diabetic counseling centers. Many a case study has found select nutrition bars to be healthy alternatives to white bread or other commercial cereals including oats.

While a diabetic nutrition bar should not replace your healthy meal of vegetables, fruits or meats, it can certainly serve as a healthy snack to fight those in-between hunger pangs in a healthy and tasty way. The right nutrition bar can offer the right combination of taste and nutrition and also happily lower your hunger pangs until your next meal. So, the next time you feel hungry for a sweet but healthy treat, sink your teeth into a tasty diabetic nutrition bar.

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