plan an ideal diet with the diabetic nutrition chart

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, then your diet will need to be altered and strictly monitored. Since many foods provide a high spike in sugar levels after consumption, you will need to follow a diet based on your body’s requirements yet still safe enough to maintain your sugar levels within tolerable limits. A diabetic nutrition chart could help you to locate those foods that could provide high nutrition without pushing your blood sugar levels into the danger zone.

Your doctor or dietician will be able to provide you with the diabetic food pyramid, which will point out the right foods that can be incorporated in your new diet. These foods need not be tasteless or boring since a little bit of imagination will enable you to mix many ingredients to create a tasteful and nutritious dish. Your new diet will need to be low in carbohydrates and fats, moderate in proteins and high in fiber. Food exchange lists will also enable you to exchange any unwanted foods with foods of your choice, provided the calorie, carbohydrate, protein and fat levels are similar. All this data can be processed by you and converted into a diabetic nutrition chart, which can be referred to before each meal. This will help you to calculate the calories of each dish after adding the carbohydrate, fat, sugar and protein levels of each ingredient.

Your nutrition chart will invariably lay stress on eating more of vegetables, grains and cereals such as oats. You can also eat fruits and drink their juices but in moderate amounts, since although they are a rich source of vitamins, fruits themselves contain high levels of natural sugar. You can also have moderate servings of low-fat milk and other milk products such as yogurt, tofu and low-fat cheese or margarine instead of regular butter. Stick to grilled chicken, turkey or lean red meats instead of fried beef or bacon dishes. Finally, avoid eating sugary foods such as pastries or chocolates. Instead, you can opt for other supplements such as tasty diabetic nutritional bars that contain the natural sweetness of fruits mixed with oats, whenever you feel the need for a tasty and sweet treat. A little ingenuity in preparing your diabetic dishes will enable you to toss up tasty salads without excessive use of mayonnaise or other calorie-rich dressings.

Once you have mastered your nutrition chart and are able to satisfy your taste buds and also keep your body healthy, then you can eat safely with the thought that you are on the right track. If you feel that you need to help other diabetics with your knowledge, then you can also take up a job in counseling fellow diabetics or even pre-diabetics. The right nutrition chart will help you and others in a similar situation to effectively fight diabetes up to a certain degree in a natural method. Remember to balance your nutrition chart with ample exercise and a regular insulin monitoring program.

Hence the right diabetic nutrition chart based on your age, sex and daily activities will provide you with the right calorie intake using safe ingredients which could keep your glucose levels under control.

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