where to find sample menus for a diabetic diet

diabetes has been spreading like a wild fire, engulfing large number of people. Both young and old are falling prey to this chronic and incurable disease. Negligence to diabetes can lead to serious health hazards in future. This life threatening disease can certainly be controlled by following a strict diet along with medical treatment. If you discipline yourself and indulge in right foods, you can certainly lead a healthy life. This write up give you some sample menus for diabetic diet that will help you bring your sugar levels back to normal.

Honestly speaking there is no specific food called as diabetic food. Every type of food is good for your body; if eaten in the right quantity. Having good knowledge about various food groups comes in handy for diabetics, as you can prepare your own diabetic diet. A diabetic has to keep a track of his or her calorie intake and thus needs to avoid food that is high in carbohydrates and fats. However, you need to eat them in small amounts for proper functioning of the body. The main goal of a diabetic should be to have a balanced diet that can provide the body with all the essential nutrients and also help in maintaining blood sugar levels.

A good diabetic diet will have a combination of food from various categories. The food type will also differ from person to person and hence it is best to consult your doctor before indulging in any diabetic diet. Depending upon the amount of calories one needs, he/she has to pick a diet and follow it.

Here is a sample menu for a diabetic diet

The below mentioned foods can be distributed throughout the day as per your choice.

For proteins, you should have fish, leaf bean or small portion of chicken, especially with fats removed. For one serving of vegetables, have a small bowl of salad that can be made of carrots, cucumber, broccoli and tomatoes. A one small fruit, an apple or a half banana is fine. 1/2 cup of pasta or tortilla should be used for a serving of bread. Dairy products are a must in a diabetic diet and for this you can have low fat sour cream or skimmed milk. It is best to avoid desserts and fatty food stuff. If you have a sweet tooth then try home made sweets prepared with artificial sugars having zero calories.

Here is another sample menu for a diabetic diet.

For Breakfast
Wholegrain toast with cheese, wholegrain cereal, tea or coffee and a small fruit of your choice is good as a first meal of the day.

For Lunch

Vegetable soup, sandwich made out of turkey or chicken breast. A bowl of skimmed milk and fresh fruit can make a hearty meal.

For Dinner

Pasta made out of wholegrain, steamed vegetables, salad made out of cucumber, tomatoes, onions and broccoli. A small bowl of home made dessert can be added as a treat.

Depending upon the number of calories you need to intake, you can choose food and plan a meal for the day. For instance if you have to take in 2000 calories a day, you need to divide food in a manner that will help you gain up to 2000 calories only. There are several sample menus for diabetic diets available online for you to choose from. Check out with an expert or a dietitian to figure out the best diet for your body.

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