sample menu for a diabetic

With several people both young and old falling prey to diabetes, it has become essential for everyone to follow a healthy lifestyle. Though diabetes sounds scary and dreadful, it can be controlled and fought with the help of balanced diet followed by some exercise. Poor diet is one of the major reasons why thousands of people are suffering from this traumatic disease. Healthy eating should be on the priority list of every diabetic. Meals should be taken on time at small intervals and in right quantities. Breaking the meal pattern can lower or increase your sugar level which is not good for your body. This write up will give you a sample menu for a diabetic so that you enjoy a good meal.

A diabetic menu need not consist of only boiled food. You can try a combination of foods provided the food has the right ingredients and is in the correct quantity. Keep your self away from foods that are high on fats, carbohydrates and sodium. A good diabetic menu should have 30 to 35 percent carbohydrates, only the amount that is essential to generate energy, and the rest should be proteins and essential fats along with vitamins and other minerals. Your menu should also contain sufficient amount of fiber. Alcohol and other beverages are best avoided.

A diabetic health plan will help you follow the right diet with exercise to fight diabetes. Here is a sample menu for a diabetic that can ensure good health.

* Breakfast can consist of one egg, with a slice of white bread and ½ cup cereal, one fruit of your choice, coffee or tea, or best ½ cup milk.
* For your lunch you can try lettuce with tomato and ½ cup canned fish, 1 teaspoon margarine, banana or 2 slice of cheddar cheese.
* Evening meal can be a combination of one chicken leg without the skin, or baked lean meat, baked potato with 1 slice of bread, tossed salad, fresh fruit juice, and ½ bowl carrots.
* If you have evening snack, it can be 2 slice of whole wheat bread, one slice of low fat cheese, 1 teaspoon of margarine and ½ cup milk.

If you are on an 1800 diet, you can eat a larger piece of meat and also add one more teaspoon of margarine. For those on 1500 calories, you can intake one more fruit. A diabetic should generally have small meals at short intervals. Remember missing out on meals can lower your sugar levels causing ill effects on your body. Drink plenty of water, one sugar free drink is also fine throughout the day. Vegetables and fresh fruits should be a part of every diabetic meal. Avoid foods that are high on calories, saturated fats and sodium. If you are fond of sweets, eat homemade sweets that are made with artificial sweeteners.

There are several sample menus for diabetics that you can try. Always stick to a diet that works best for your body and helps you lead a healthy life.

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