plan your sample menu to fight diabetes

Suffering from diabetes does not mean that one stops enjoying the good life. Detection of diabetes may cause you trauma, however let me tell you that diabetes can be controlled. Following a strict diet and an exercise regimen will help you stay fit and enjoy every moment of life to the fullest. If you eat the right food in correct quantities you can fight diabetes and lead a healthy normal life. Depending upon the type of diabetes, you would be recommended a diet. Also not everyone will follow same food habits; it will differ from person to person and the amount of calories to be taken will also vary. Menu planning is essential for diabetics. A sample menu planning for diabetics can help you understand how your body reacts to a particular food type and thus help you frame one for yourself.

A diabetic person should be careful when eating food stuff that is high on carbohydrates. Although it is essential for producing energy in your body, it should not be taken more than 30 to 33 percent in your meal. Carbohydrate being the main source for sugar should be taken in the right quantity. When you plan your menu care must be taken that your food should not contain abnormal quantity of carbohydrates. A sample menu planning for diabetics should comprise of food items that provide you required amount of fats, proteins and carbohydrates in the calories you are supposed to take. Some diabetics would require an intake of 1600 calories while some would need 1200 or 1800 calories.

When drafting a sample menu plan for diabetics, you need to keep in mind that he/she needs to take small meals at short intervals. The sample menu planning for diabetics should consist of at least 4 meals throughout the day. Breakfast should consist of one fresh fruit, ½ cup oatmeal, cottage cheese, one slice of bread with a teaspoon of margarine. Dairy products are equally important in a diabetic menu and they should be a part of it in the right quantity. ½ cup skim milk once or twice in a day is just fine. Lunch can be vegetable soup, sandwich made with a piece of turkey. A salad that comprises cucumber, onions, lettuce, and tomato with a small piece of meat can be a part of diabetic menu.

The entire day’s meal should be balanced and provide you with good amount of vitamins, and energy. You can try a different recipe for dinner and evening snack. Dinner can comprise of boiled chicken breast. If you love desserts, you can use artificial sweetener with zero calories and gorge on the sweets. Fresh fruits should be a part of diabetic menu regularly. At least two fruits should be eaten daily. For evening snacks, you can have boiled potato, ½ cup skimmed milk or oat meal.

There are several diabetic menus available, that you can try and follow for several days before you zero in on one that suits you. A diabetic planner comes in handy to maintain your daily intake of calories. Food items to be included in your menu will also feature in your planner and will remind you about the foods to stay away from.

If you have a good control over your food habits, you can lead a healthy life and successfully fight diabetes.

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