importance of menu planning in your fight against diabetes

A well balanced menu plays an important role in the physical well being of everyone, especially if someone is suffering from the dreadful diabetes. There has to be a control over intake of calories in the form of fats, proteins and carbohydrates to maintain proper sugar levels in the blood stream. Having a good knowledge of various food items will not restrict you or keep you away from delicious foods but will help you eat it in the right proportion. Depending upon age, sex, weight and height diabetic patients are suggested a menu that allows them to intake the required amount of calories.

A diabetic menu should have a good balance of carbohydrates, as it is the main source for sugar and gives the body the much needed energy. You must be aware that one gram of carbohydrates equals to 4 calories. A diabetic must have a good control over the intake of carbohydrates as increasing the carbohydrate content in the food will lead to high sugar levels. Your daily diet should include fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in the right quantities. A diabetic is normally asked to eat small quantity of food at regular intervals. There are several diabetic menus that you can try and stick to depending on your likes and dislikes. The menu will differ from person to person. To choose the best diabetic menu, you can try a sample of the same. Once you are sure about the menu, you can come up with a diabetic meal planner that you can follow throughout and assure yourself a healthy life.

1600 calories menu is generally for diabetic women and also for females who are looking forward to lose weight. With several diabetic menus available, you can try out some for 30 days, 5 days or even for a week. For breakfast, you can have food items that will provide you the required amount of starch, fat and proteins. Include fruits in your daily diet. You can have them for breakfast and also in the evening snack. A salad made with vegetables, small amount of meat and low fat cheese is fine for lunch. A bit of meat daily will do no harm; however, it is good to avoid meat that has high fat content.

Your daily diabetic menu should include only those food items that help you take in the suggested amount of calories. If you are on the 1600 menu, you need to make sure you have a diet that will help you take in only that many calories. There are several tools available in the market that helps you keep a check on your calorie intake. These tools will determine the number of calories present in your diet and will warn you.

Following a diabetic menu does not mean you keep your hands off cakes and ice creams. You can certainly enjoy them if you have a good control over your temptations. A small serving is just fine and will not harm you. You may also indulge yourself a little if you are ready to compensate by avoiding other food items. The key is to not allow the calorie intake to increase. Sweets are ok if you have added sugar free sweeteners to prepare the sweets.

If you follow a good exercise regimen, you can stay fit and fight diabetes. A good and well balanced menu is certainly essential to help fight diabetes.

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