Importance of diabetic weekly menus

It is a wrong notion that people with diabetes cannot enjoy good foods. It is true that one needs to follow a balanced diet but it does not mean that you simply stick to boiled and tasteless food. If you have a good understanding about various food types and you hold a command over your temptations, then you can certainly have everything in limited amounts. Few diabetic people are aware that they can enjoy desserts as well, however, only the ones that are cooked following a diabetic recipe. Following a diabetic weekly menu will help you find what diet best suits your body and you can stick to it for a long and healthy life.

There are several food types that can be converted into gorgeous food which diabetics can enjoy. If you stick to sugar free food, or prepare sweets with artificial sugar that contains zero calories you need not worry. The diet for diabetics will differ from person to person depending upon their required calorie intake. You need to make sure that you avoid excess carbohydrates as it is the main source for sugar. However, your body requires at least 30 percent of it as it generates energy. A diabetic must learn to keep a balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in his/her diet.

There are several menus that you can try. To get going you can try out a diabetic weekly menu. Once you find that your body is reacting well to it, you can stick to it. Your weekly menu should consist of required amount of fats, carbohydrates and proteins on a daily basis. Avoid saturated fats or food that is extremely high on calories. Let there be fresh fruits through out the weekly menu. You can have one for the breakfast and one during the mid evening snack. Yoghurt or bowl of curd is also good. A vegetable sandwich is also great for a morning brunch. Lunch can be a bowl of soup, pasta, piece of turkey or chicken breast. You can also make a salad that consists of cucumber, lettuce, onions, tomatoes and low fat cheese. Dinner can be baked potatoes, with baked piece of meat, whole wheat bread with a dessert cooked from the recipes especially designed for diabetics.

When you eat out, which normally diabetics should avoid, you need to eat items that are low on calories and free from fats. A sandwich or fruit juice is fine when at a restaurant. Avoid too much of sodium in your food as it affects your blood pressure and sugar levels. In a diabetic weekly menu, you can try various menus and diets by mixing various vegetables, meat, eggs, fresh fruits, and low fat cheese. A weekly menu will help you judge if the body is reacting well to the diet. There are several weekly menus that help you get 1200, 1500 or 1600 calories a day. The intake of required calories will again differ from person to person.

A diabetic weekly menu should be well planned and must provide your body with the required amount of minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Along with a balance diet if you follow an exercise regimen, you can easily fight diabetics and lead a healthy life.

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