fast food menus for diabetics to feast on

Diabetics could get depressed with the thought that they might no longer be able to gorge down their favorite fast foods. However, a little imagination will enable them to enjoy most of these foods without piling on harmful calories or cholesterol.

Those fast food chains that have a fixed menu and serve deep fried meats slathered in batter along with fries and bread made of refined white flour should be completely avoided since such foods do not carry any nutrition and instead will only help in clogging up diabetics arteries. But if a diabetic has some influence with the cook, then he/she could request the cook to go easy on the oil and batter. Lean meats could be chosen and the cook could be requested to grill them without any batter and only with a coating of 1 tbsp of olive oil. Instead of salt, lemon and pepper could be sprinkled on such meats that could include beef, turkey and chicken.

Diabetics can also avoid eating large quantities of meat by starting out with a light soup that can be had at home itself. This will curb their tendency to wolf down the food after reaching any fast food joint. Salads that contain only 1 tbsp of mayonnaise could also serve as tasty accompaniments to any main dish. Instead of sugary sodas or shakes, diabetics could have ½ a glass of any fruit or vegetable juice. Many restaurants have now started offering healthy alternatives and diabetics could simply take advantage of this facility. Diabetics need to also indulge in calorie and carbohydrate counting on a daily basis and this could pose problems if the fast food restaurant does not have such counts posted on its menu. In such a case diabetics could surf the internet and find out the values of their planned dishes in advance. This planning will help them decide on the right dishes once they reach the fast food joint or restaurant.

On the other hand, diabetics could simply enjoy many fast food dishes in their own home. The only difference would be that almost all the ingredients would now be prepared in a healthy manner. For satisfying their sandwich cravings, diabetics could prepare grilled turkey, chicken breast or bacon and place them with cabbage leaves and celery in toasted whole wheat bread. They could sprinkle lemon juice and pepper to turn them into tasty yet healthy delicacies. Pizzas could also be prepared using a whole wheat base and the cheese content could be kept to the minimum. The pizza serving could also be made smaller and diabetics could supplement this dish with whole wheat pasta. Butter and oil could be replaced with small quantities of olive oil or margarine. Similarly, diabetics could also eat and drink sugar-free ice creams, cakes, sodas and carbonated water to satisfy their sugar cravings.

Hence, diabetics can make suitable changes and convert their fried and fat fast foods into grilled and almost fat free tasty foods. All they need is to get hold of sample menus and recipes that can be downloaded from the internet for free. Such fast food menus for diabetics can enable them to satisfy their cravings while enabling them to remain safe from the additional calories, fats and oils that could be dangerous for their diabetic condition.

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