calories diabetic diets means selecting a diet in predetermined calorie range for your body

A calorie diabetic diet is not only a sugar free diet but it is proper planning of calorie intake. We get 10% -20% of calories from proteins, 30% of calories from fats and remaining 50% – 60% from carbohydrates, means high carbohydrate foods provides high calories. In calorie diabetic diet you have to control calories so that you can control sugar in your blood. Because high carbohydrates mean high sugar level, any food with high carbohydrates raises blood sugar.

Glucose is the basic fuel for our body. We get glucose from digested food. A normal person without diabetes can use this glucose to convert it into energy with the help of insulin, insulin allows the glucose in the blood to get into body cells and there it is burned for energy. In this case glucose is used properly, but in the case of diabetes the body can not use insulin properly that is it cannot convert glucose into energy and this leads to high glucose level in the blood. To control this high glucose level you have to control calories. Therefore calorie diabetic diet restricts excess calories. This diet include small amount of foods which are high in carbohydrates such as rice, cereals, breads, milk, cakes, pies etc.

The calorie diet is also helpful in cases of obesity, cardiac disturbances and hypertension.

The individual need of calories is different from person to person. Depending on the calorie requirements the doctor suggests you calorie diet between 1200 – 1800 calories per day. You have religiously intake that many calories only and not exceed that limit.

In calorie diet you can include variety of foods but remember that you have to select foods such that total number of calories remains within limit.

In calorie diet you can include the vegetables like cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, French beans, pumpkins, broccoli, mushrooms, cucumber, and tomatoes etc. In fruits you can choose melons, red currants, blackberries, strawberries, grapefruit, and raspberries etc. You can also include drinks like tea, coffee, water, clear soup, diabetic fruit squash, and lemon juice.

Avoid fried foods, sweets, jam, chocolates, honey, tinned fruits, dried fruits, rice, ice cream, and sweetened fruit juice, this means you avoid foods which have high carbohydrates. Also avoid alcoholic drinks like beer, wines, whiskey etc.

The calorie diet is essential to control overeating and making better food choices. When choosing a calorie diet for yourself. First, study which calorie range is suitable for you and then choose the foods which suit you and then plan accordingly. Choosing healthy foods is an essential part of calorie diet planning.

If you choose a low calorie diet than your basic calorie requirements then you may get headaches, fatigue, nausea and constipation. Also if you choose very low calorie diet then you lose weight rapidly and may also get gallstones. Choosing a calorie diet which is suitable for you is very important and for that do consult your doctor or dietitian. Foods which are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers should be included in your calorie diabetic diet to make it healthier.

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