5 day diabetic menu – a sample diet plan for you

One of major causes for diabetes is lack of nutritional diet and regular exercise. With fast food replacing healthy diet several children and adults are falling prey to this dreadful disease. Although Type I diabetes is normally caused due to family history and genetics, sources say Type II diabetes is largely the out come of poor diet and lack of exercise. However, a diabetes affected person can lead a healthy life, if he/she chooses to follow a strict regimen of exercise and proper diet. Proper intake of the right food should be the top priority for diabetics. To begin with you can try the 5 day diabetic menu and check the positive changes in your health.

When we talk about diabetic diet; a boiled, sugar free and tasteless food often comes to our mind. However this is no longer true, you may have restrictions on the amount of certain foods, but you can certainly enjoy good meals that are tasty and desirable. If you are strong enough and can fight the temptation to overeat, you can lead a healthy and long life despite being a diabetic.

Here is your trial 5 days diabetic menu.

* Day 1 – If you are looking out for some yummy breakfast try this. If you like pancakes, try 2 blueberry pancakes. You can add a teaspoon of tub margarine along with 2 tablespoon sugar free syrup. You can also add fat free yogurt to your morning meal. For lunch you can prepare a delicious salad that consists of cucumber, tomato, onions, lettuce, red pepper along with one hard boiled egg, a bit of low fat cheddar cheese and an ounce of turkey with 2 bread sticks. Popcorn along with a cranberry juice is good as a late afternoon or early evening snack. For dinner you can have a combination of boiled spinach, a bit of meat, carrots, red pepper, and olive oil added to it along with whole grain bread slice.

* Day 2 – For breakfast you can again have a combination of fruit juice, skimmed milk, and cereal. Lunch can be omelet with a low fat cheese, chopped vegetables with a bit of meat, a baked potato with onions. Fruits are always better between the meals. For dinner you can try a turkey breast neatly roasted and salad made of bits of turkey meat, a vegetable, broccoli and cranberry sauce.

* Day 3 – cooked oatmeal ½ a cup along with skimmed milk and a fruit of your choice. For lunch vegetable soups, a bit of tuna along with whole bread, tomato, cucumber and onions. Dinner can be grilled or baked chicken breast glazed with green beans and a baked potato.

* Day 4 – Breakfast should be a combination of starch, fat and fruit, so you can try out anything of your choice. Lunch can be three ounces of turkey rolled with some tomato, onion and lettuce, a teaspoon of low fat mayonnaise will also do. For dinner you can have one cup of steamed spinach along with 3 ounces of baked meat and some salad.

* Day 5 – for breakfast have light yoghurt along with few strawberries, and ½ whole wheat bagel along with low-fat cream. Lunch can be lentil soup, whole wheat bread slice, half a cup of low-fat cottage cheese and salad. For dinner you can gorge on a small quantity of pork seasoned with spices and fried onions.

Try out this simple 5 day diabetic menu and feel the change in your health. You will no longer have to compromise on palatable food as long as you avoid overeating.