30 day menu for diabetics

Today several children, young adults and grown ups are struggling to free themselves from the clutches of diabetes. It is important that everyone concerned understands and appreciates the fact that diets plays an important role in controlling your sugar levels and thus helps in staying fit despite suffering from diabetes. A balanced diet is a must along with lots of exercise to fight diabetes and lead a healthy life. You must eat the right food and the right quantity in order to supplement the body with required amount of calories necessary for a day. Your diabetic menu should be a balance of proteins, fats, starch and carbohydrates. A 30 days trial menu is recommended to get an idea about how your body reacts to particular forms of food.

A 30 days menu for diabetics should include good amount of potassium that helps to keep your blood pressure in control. The diet should have food items that are low in fats, sodium, carbohydrates and should not exceed certain amount of calories that required by the body. The amount of calorie intake will differ from person to person depending on age, sex, weight and height. For instance, if you are following a 1600 calorie diet, you need to take in food items that will help you get only 1600 calories daily. Excessive amount of calories other than the recommended increases the sugar level in your blood stream.

A planned 30 days diabetic menu can help you eat the right foods in the right quantity. You can use a menu planner to note down the various diabetic menus that you can try out in 30 days. Suffering from diabetes does not mean you deprive yourself of delicious foods. If you are good in controlling your temptations, you can enjoy all types of food in small amounts. The 30 days diabetic menu will guide you on how you can have tasty foods cooked with right ingredients that do not increase your blood sugar levels and keep your weight in check.

The 30 days menu for diabetes is low on carbohydrates, fats and sodium; yet, it is delicious for your taste buds. In the 30 days menu, you have a combination of various food items with new recipes for every week. For breakfast you can have any fruit of your choice, a bowl of yoghurt, and whole wheat bread with egg. For lunch you can try a vegetable soup, salad made with onions, cucumber, and lettuce, piece of meat, turkey, or chicken. Mid evening meal can be a fruit or a bowl of curd. Dinner can be baked beans, tomato soup with bread, baked chicken or pasta.

You can mix and match the recipes and menus every week and enjoy home cooked food and help your body fight diabetes. If you can manage the amount of fats, proteins, starch and carbohydrates in your diet, nothing can stop you from enjoying your meals and having a good control over diabetes. Following a 30 days menu for diabetics will help you judge how your body reacts to different food types and thus you may determine which foods to stick to depending on the results.

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