1600 diabetic menu – how it helps you to control diabetes and weight gain.

One of important aspects of a diabetic menu is to maintain the right calorie count. Excessive intake of calories will increase the blood sugar level, which can boost up the dreadful diabetics. Depending upon your age, height, weight and even sex, you doctor would suggest you a menu to intake a certain amount of calories on a daily basis. This article will give you an insight about the 1600 calories diabetic menu you can follow to maintain and experience a healthy life. It is essential to follow a diabetic menu because it controls the sugar levels in the blood stream which is the main cause of diabetics.

To take in the required amount of calories daily, you need to follow a diet that will help you get the same number of calories. A balanced diet is the need of the hour to curb diabetics. A 1200 – 1600 calorie diet is normally recommended for women. Other than diabetic women, females who are looking out for weight reduction can also use the same menu. When it comes to a diabetic menu, carbohydrates play an important role. It is the major ingredient that converts the food into glucose. However, carbohydrates are required in a certain amount as it also acts as source of energy for your body.

For 1600 diabetic menu, you need to have proportionate amount of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. To be able to intake accurate amount of calories daily, it is necessary for you to have an understanding about the foods. This will help you eat the right food in right quantities and thus fight diabetics and enjoy a healthy life. Carbohydrates being a key ingredient, you need to know that one gram of it equals to 4 calories. If you find it hard to remember, you can create a chart and put it up near your dinning table or kitchen. This way you need not stop yourself from eating different types of delicious foods, but enjoy them in the right quantities.

Normally a 1600 diabetic menu is divided into four meals. You need to take small amount of meal after every interval. For instance you can have food that contains starch and 6 servings of the same are good enough. You can also make a combination of fat, starch and protein for your breakfast. This means you need to eat food items that contain starch, fat and protein. After a break of 2 hours you can have a cup of milk and 2 servings of yoghurt. Lunch can be combination of vegetables and a small amount of meat. For an evening meal you can choose to have fresh fruits and dinner can be food items that contain certain amount of fats that are essential for the body.

To keep a check on your calorie intake, there are several equipments available in the market from well known brands. These tools are easy to use and help you count the amount of calories that go in your body instantly. With this tool you can control the calorie intake and follow the 1600 diabetic menu successfully.

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