take action to prevent diabetic foot pain

Diabetes has a possible debilitating side-effect in the long term, which can be deferred to some extent with the right steps. If you are diabetic, then over a period of years, you might experience diabetic neuropathy or diabetic foot pain.

Diabetes induces high blood sugar, which in turn leads to poor blood circulation and nerve damage, especially to organs that are farthest away from the heart, i.e. the hands and feet. Feet are more prone to this problem since the blood has to normally travel upwards towards the heart. This results in tingling in hands and feet followed by numbness. However, diabetic neuropathy also causes burning pain and other types of pain that are difficult to explain by patients themselves. This can turn into a frustrating and depressing experience for most people with diabetes.

If you have diabetes, then it is important that you take proper care of your feet in the initial stages of the disease itself to prevent complications in the future. If possible, include a naturist foot care program in your daily routine where most or all the ingredients and methods that you use for your feet are natural. Immerse your feet in natural salts that will accelerate the healing process. After you dry your feet, run your hands over them and also between your toes to check for any ulcers, corns, punctures or cuts. Ensure that you wear diabetic socks and shoes that keep your feet snug and safely cocooned.

If your numbness is combined with a searing pain or twitching in your foot muscles, then you might also require proper medication to get some relief. You can also apply any medicated cream that can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria on your feet and also offer a degree of relief from the pain. Your doctor or podiatrist could prescribe such creams or oral medicines including muscle relaxants and anti-depressants. It is essential that your blood sugar levels also remain under control since escalated levels could aggravate your foot pain and also prevent proper treatment. You can also use foot rollers or infra-red massagers for added relief.

Remember to stay adequately hydrated so that your skin does not develop cracks since bacteria could develop and thrive in these cracks. If you are able to walk, then make sure that you walk or exercise according to your doctor’s instruction since this will improve blood circulation. A regular massage along with your daily foot care regimen will keep the foot pain within tolerable limits. Do not ignore any ulcer, corn or cut till it becomes infected since diabetic wounds take a long time to heal and the faster you treat it, the lower the chances of it developing into gangrene or any other life threatening problem.

Diabetic foot pain is a distinct reality among many diabetics. But a proper foot care regime along with adequate exercise and strict control over blood sugar levels could keep this unwanted complication at bay. A little bit of time and effort on a daily basis will keep your feet healthy and also help to control the pain.

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