steer clear of diabetic foot ulcers

If you are afflicted with diabetes, then taking proper care of your feet should be of utmost importance, since impaired blood circulation along with damaged nerve endings could not only turn your foot numb but also cause hard-to-heal diabetic foot ulcers that could be very difficult to control or cure.

The long-term effects of diabetes include poor blood circulation and nerve end damage, especially to hands and feet. This could lead to a condition known as diabetic foot, where due to numbness experienced in the soles of the feet, wounds such as cuts, abrasions or even ulcers or corns cannot be felt. If the soles of your feet are slowly turning numb, then you should be, figuratively speaking, literally on your toes. Initiate a daily washing and checking program of your feet. In other words you should plunge your feet in warm water containing natural salts. This naturist treatment containing natural salts will help heal any wounds that might have invariably occurred without you feeling any pain at all. Even if you have an ulcer or corn, these salts will lend a healing hand and speed up the recovery period.

Medicated foot powders, lotions and creams too are extremely useful in foot ulcers. These can be applied after rinsing and drying your feet. Remember to apply them between your toes too if the cream or lotion specifies it in a clear manner. Ulcers are usually caused by faulty footwear, which results in squashing and additional friction between your toes. Diabetics also tend to have higher levels of heat in their feet and faulty shoes and socks only end up trapping that heat instead of successfully dissipating it. Hence, you should wear diabetic shoes and socks, which in addition to providing a soft cushion for your feet also help in removing the heat from inside the shoes. This will keep your feet cool and soft instead of hot and clammy. Also remember to drink lots of fluids to have soft and supple skin.

If you do develop ulcers or corns, do not ignore them but instead attack them and isolate them so that they do not increase in size. Your podiatrist or foot doctor will be able to guide you in the right direction and your assault will usually include medicines, medicated foot creams, lotions and powders. Ulcers on the soles of the feet will require additional care since any load on that foot will hamper its recovery. Do not neglect treating your foot ulcers on an urgent basis since it could lead to severe infections including gangrene and even amputations. Regular inspections and daily cleanliness programs will ensure that you catch any ulcer, wound or corn in the nascent stage itself. Regular exercises and continuous monitoring and adjustment of insulin delivery systems will also ensure that your blood sugar levels remain in controllable limits.

When you are suffering from diabetes, diabetic foot ulcers should be taken seriously. With reduced defenses to fight any infection coupled with long recovery periods, ulcers have the potential to threaten your feet if you do not attend to them in the initial stage itself. Wear proper footwear and check your feet on a daily basis to steer clear of diabetic foot ulcers.

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