save your feet with diabetic foot naturist treatment

Diabetes lays a lot of stress on diet management, exercise management and insulin management. In the long run, however, diabetes can also affect hands and feet due to poor blood supply and damage to nerve endings. A diabetic foot naturist treatment routine could keep your feet healthy in a safe and natural manner.

If you are diabetic, then you should realize that the high sugar levels in your blood could lead to poor blood circulation and nerve damage or neuropathy over the long term. This could lead to tingling in the hands and feet in the initial stages followed by numbness, especially on the soles of your feet. Hence, if you get ulcers or corns or even suffer cuts your feet in an accident, you might not feel anything until the wound becomes infected. Therefore, it is essential that you undertake a foot-checking and foot-care routine on a daily basis to keep your feet safe from any damage. And what better way to take care of your feet than in a natural way?

Natural salts are available that can help your feet shed dead skin and regain its health. You can soak your feet in warm, but not boiling hot water along with these natural salts. These salts will also provide relief for aching ankle joints while removing bacteria from hard-to-reach places such as between the toes and under your nails. It will also accelerate the healing process if you do have a painful ulcer or corn on your foot.

After your feet are washed, rinsed and dried, remember to check your feet by running your hands over the top, sides and soles of your feet to check for any new wound, cut, ulcer or corn. Check for any embedded objects since you might not have felt any pain even if a small nail were to pierce your sole. Also, check between your toes for any festering infection. Once you have checked your feet, you can apply a natural medicated cream containing various herbs that can keep your feet supple and also fight infection at the same time. This is very important since dried and cracked feet are vulnerable for a bacterial attack. Also, keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of liquids throughout the day so that your skin does not get dry or chapped.

If you have to travel outside the house, then it is imperative that you wear proper diabetic socks along with diabetic shoes. The socks are soft while the shoes contain added padding on the inside and have tough soles to protect your feet. A walking exercise routine is also very important since this will enable your blood circulation to improve in a natural way. Also, remember to visit your Podiatrist or foot doctor on a regular basis so that any potential problem is caught in the initial stages itself.

Even though you might feel bored or tired, remember to include your diabetic foot naturist treatment in your daily routine, since this simple treatment will keep your feet naturally healthy and prevent any complications from debilitating your feet in the long run.

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