keep your foot safe from a diabetic foot ulcer

Diabetes ushers in not only blood sugar fluctuations but also causes foot problems, which if left untreated, can also give you painful ulcers and other foot infections that are difficult to treat. A daily foot care regimen along with your other regular routines will keep your foot safe from a diabetic foot ulcer.

Diabetes can result in poor blood circulation and also damage your nerve endings in the long run. This could make your hands and especially your feet develop tingling sensations accompanied by searing pain and twitching and could also result in the soles of your feet going numb. This could prove to be very dangerous since you might not feel any cut, sprain, wound, puncture, corn or ulcer on your feet. Over time, this could progress into an infection, which could result in gangrene or worse still, amputation. You should keep your feet covered with proper diabetic footwear including socks, slippers and shoes that are specially created for diabetics.

While such shoes could help thwart any cuts or punctures, you will also need to check if they are not too tight lengthwise and widthwise. If your shoes are too tight at the toes, then this could result in the development of a corn or an ulcer. The problem is that if your feet have turned numb, you might not even notice the corn or ulcer until it balloons into a menacing and severely infected ball-sized problem. One way to avoid a diabetic foot ulcer is to prevent it in the first place.

You should wash and inspect your feet on a daily basis. After washing and drying, run your hands along the sides, top and soles of your feet to feel any wounds or ulcers on your feet. If your feet are all right, then use a naturist treatment cream or any other medicated cream, powder or lotion on your feet. This will keep your skin soft and supple and will also disinfect your feet. If you have a cut or an ulcer on your feet, then these creams or powders will also help in healing them at a faster rate. Remember that your high blood sugar will prevent your wound from healing faster hence any cut or ulcer caught earlier will result in faster recovery. Anyway, painful wounds, ulcers or corns on the soles of your feet will seriously hamper walking, which could lead in lack of exercise and problems in controlling blood sugar levels. Hence, a regular and detailed foot cleaning and checking regimen along with proper footwear will help avoid the formation of foot ulcers in the first place.

When wearing your shoes, ensure that the length of the shoes is perfect for your feet. The width of the shoes, especially at the ankles and toes should also be perfect. Your toes should be able to move in your shoes instead of being squashed together. Diabetic shoes do not require to be ‘worn in’ and hence should not pinch you even if they are new. Use insoles if you require additional padding or if your shoes are a bit loose.

Thus, proper footwear along with regular daily inspections and with a professional inspection by your podiatrist at regular intervals will ensure that you do not have to suffer from a diabetic foot ulcer. Do not ignore any ulcer on your foot but get it treated immediately before it progresses into a serious infection.

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