keep your diabetic feet safe with diabetic footwear

If you have diabetes, all your energies might be diverted towards maintaining your diet, exercising regularly and maintaining ideal insulin levels in your blood. However, there is one more aspect to diabetes which cannot be ignored since the consequences could be unimaginable. A foot care regimen is one routine that you should incorporate into your daily activities. Wearing the right diabetic footwear too is essential for keeping your feet healthy and safe in the long run.

Diabetes affects the blood supply system as well as damages nerve endings as time passes by. This effect is directly felt by your feet which might develop tingling and numbness interjected with unexplainable pain. This is known as diabetic neuropathy, where you might alternatively experience low and high sensitivity in your feet. The soles of your feet might also become numb. This could be very dangerous since you might not feel any cut or even a nail that might puncture the soles of your feet. Ulcers and corns are another serious problem that might crop up without your knowledge. Hence it is essential to have a daily foot inspection and foot care system in your daily routine.

You can inspect your feet after thoroughly washing them. You should dip your feet in natural salts that will alleviate your pain to some extent and also fight any infection. After drying your feet, inspect them for any cut, wound, ulcer or corn. Do this on a daily basis to catch any wound or ulcer while it is still small. You can start treatment by applying medicated creams or any other naturist treatment recommended by your podiatrist or foot doctor. Another important aspect to healthy feet is the use of the right diabetic footwear.

These products include diabetic socks, shoes, insoles, etc. Diabetic socks are extremely soft and also enable your feet to remain cool. Diabetic shoes are made of breathable material such as leather with additional padding so as to cocoon your feet as well as remove any excess heat that might have built up inside them. While they are soft on the inside, they are also quite tough on the outside and hence offer additional protection for your feet. You can also use diabetic insoles if your shoes are a tad loose or if you want additional padding. These shoes do not require any ‘wearing in’ or ‘running in’ period and are comfortable from day one itself. Remember that your toes should feel comfortable and should not be cramped when you try out such shoes. You can buy all these products in select stores or even over the internet.

These products will prevent the occurrence of ulcers or corns and help you to walk and stand comfortably. They will also keep your feet cool which in turn will prevent the formation of fungi and other harmful infections. Remember to drink lots of water and other liquids so that your skin remains hydrated since dry skin will only encourage the formation of bacteria. Use appropriate foot creams or powders before you slip into your diabetic footwear.

A daily routine of detailed foot checks along with the right medicated creams and powders could help you to locate any problem before it gets out of hand. Proper diabetic footwear will also help you to stand and walk without any problem. These will enable you to exercise regularly and hence maintain some control over your diabetes.

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