go in for diabetic foot natural treatment

Diabetics will have to grapple with a new diet, regular exercise and constant monitoring of their insulin levels. If you have diabetes, then you will need to strictly adhere to these routines. You will also need to pay extra attention to your hands and especially to your feet. A combination of poor blood circulation and nerve-end damage can make your feet experience tingling and numbness and you might not realize any injuries or ulcers on your foot till it is too late. A diabetic foot natural treatment program will ensure that your feet remain healthy in a natural manner.

By inspecting your feet on a daily basis, you will be able to preempt any problem that might balloon into an unmanageable one. A natural approach to foot care is important since there are no side effects. You can dip your feet in a bucket filled with warm water and natural salts. These salts have many therapeutic properties that help to remove dead skin and keep bacteria at bay. Once you have washed and dried your feet, remember to physically check them for any wound, cut, ulcer or corn by running your hands over each toe and the top and bottom of your feet. Use a mirror if you are unable to bend and check the soles of your feet. Any undetected wound or ulcer could fester into an infection, which would take a long time to heal due to your diabetic condition.

You can use a natural medicated diabetic foot cream that has a combination of natural herbs that can reduce pain, and keep your feet moisturized and safe in a natural way. These creams should, however be certified by the relevant authorities. Rub them on your feet and then wear proper diabetic socks and shoes to protect your feet when you leave for work or for a walk. If you have severe infections on your feet that are not healing despite standard treatments, then you can also try out the ultimate in natural treatments. You can go in for Maggot therapy, which essentially entails the use of medicinal maggots to be attached to your wounds. These maggots suck away at the infected wound and in turn produce enzymes that disinfect the wound and accelerate healing.

A daily routine of foot inspections on a microscopic level, warm water baths with natural salts and the application of natural foot creams should enable your feet to stay well hydrated. You should also drink lots of water and other diabetes-safe drinks to stay well hydrated since this will prevent your skin from developing cracks, which in turn could encourage bacteria to launch an attack into your body through these cracks. A periodic visit to the Podiatrist will keep you on the right track since any small problem will be detected immediately.

Although it might be a little time-consuming, a diabetic foot natural treatment program should be included in your daily list of activities since your feet need that extra attention once you develop diabetes. This program will ensure that your feet remain pink and healthy and sticking to natural products will certainly enable you to take a step in the right direction.

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