do not ignore diabetic foot problems

If you are diabetic and have been following your doctor’s advice on your diet, exercise and insulin monitoring and delivery routines, then it is time to add another routine to your list. A new foot care routine is very important if you do not want to fall prey to diabetic foot problems.

Diabetes not only causes blood sugars to rise but also causes poor blood circulation and nerve damage known as diabetic neuropathy. This affects the feet and hands and over a long period of time of living with the disease might even result in the soles of the feet turning numb. There might also be searing pain or twitching associated with the lower portion of the legs. If you have recently been diagnosed with the disease, then you should act immediately. Engage in a foot care program on a daily basis. This involves washing your feet regularly and checking them for any cuts, wounds, punctures, corns or ulcers.

If possible lower your legs in a tub filled with warm water and natural salts. The ingredients in these salts will offer relief from pain and also protect your feet from any harmful germs. These salts will also speed up the healing process if you have any wound, ulcer or corn that is present on your feet. Use a mild soap that does not dry out your skin or moisturize it too much. After drying your feet, inspect them by running your hands on each foot in great detail. If you are unable to check the soles of your feet then place a mirror below the soles of your feet to get a better view.

Since you might not feel any sprain or penetration to your foot, this physical inspection is vital since it will display swellings, cuts, punctures, corns or ulcers that might have become infected or have been recently been added to your feet. The right diabetic footwear including diabetic socks and shoes will provide a safe and soft padding for your feet, which will relieve pain and prevent any ulcer or corn from flaring up. You can also apply medicated creams, lotions and powders to keep your skin safe from any infection. You can also go in for naturist foot treatments where the products that you use on your feet are made from natural herbs and other similar ingredients. Remember to use approved products and ensure that they can safely be used between your toes too. Also remember to drinks lots of liquids to keep your skin well hydrated.

Along with your foot care program, you will also need to maintain your blood sugar levels within the prescribed limits. High levels of sugar or high fluctuations will cause diabetic foot problems which will be difficult to control. Your impaired blood flow and damaged nerves will aggravate matters even further instead of soothing them. Show your feet to your podiatrist regularly since he or she will be able to notice problems that are still in the nascent stage. This will help you to nip them in the bud itself.

If you do not look after your feet with a proper foot care regimen, you could develop serious diabetic foot problems that could be difficult to treat due to your increased sugar levels. Proper foot checks and regular care will ensure that most problems are caught and treated at an early stage itself.

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