daily foot care with the right diabetic foot cream

If you are diabetic then along with the right diet, adequate exercise and regular insulin treatment you will also need to incorporate another routine in your daily life. Since diabetes hinders blood flow especially to the hands and feet, you will need to constantly examine your hands and particularly your feet for any wounds, cuts, ulcers or corns. You will also need to put into place a daily foot care regimen and use the right diabetic foot cream to ensure that your feet stay healthy and infection-free.

There are various diabetic foot creams available in stores and over the internet. These medicated creams ensure that your feet stay clear of any harmful bacteria and also help to heal wounds and cuts at a faster rate. In addition, such creams also help to keep your skin soft and supple since dry and cracked skin might encourage bacteria to breed within its folds. Medicated powders can also be useful but remember to dust off the excess powder between the does since it will cause additional dryness. A medicated cream is the best bet since it can also be applied between the toes, on top, and on the soles of the feet.

During your bath make sure to wash your feet in warm water. You can also initiate a naturist foot washing program where you can immerse your feet in water added with natural salts. This will increase blood circulation and also get rid of unwanted bacteria from your feet. After your feet are rinsed, dry them with a towel and inspect the top, sides and soles of your feet by running your hands over them. This will indicate if you have suffered any cuts, wounds or if you have developed a corn or an ulcer. This is very important since diabetics can also suffer from nerve damage, which can make their feet; especially their soles go numb over an extended period of time.

Once your feet are dry and checked, you can apply your diabetic foot cream. Pay close attention to any affected area. Buy medicated creams that are anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial for complete relief. If you have painful blisters or ulcers, then ensure that your cream also offers pain relieving facilities. This foot care process should be done on a daily basis. Wear soft socks and special diabetic shoes to protect your feet when you go out of the house. Also ensure that you get your feet checked by a Podiatrist at regular intervals. This will help in catching any minor problem before it gets out of control. A daily routine involving the washing, checking and applying of foot cream will ensure that your feet stay soft and healthy. Remember to drink lots of fluids every day to stay well hydrated.

A daily diabetic foot cream exercise might not seem very important but you should remember that due to your diabetic condition, any injury or ulcer on your foot will take a long time to heal. In such a case prevention is definitely better and less painful than a cure. Regular foot care will ensure healthy feet and will definitely pay off in the long run.

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