tips to control the cost of diabetic dog food

If your dog is diagnosed with diabetes, then you will certainly need to make certain changes in its diet. Your vet will be in the best position to recommend an ideal diet. A diet with a perfect blend of natural home-cooked food along with a limited amount of high quality commercial foods could be the best way to go. Here are some tips to control the cost of diabetic dog food while ensuring that your dog remains in the best of health.

It is important to maintain an ideal blood sugar level for your dog to remain healthy. You will need to closely calculate the carbohydrate, fat and protein intake of your dog on a daily basis to ensure that the glucose levels do not bounce up or down since that would not bode well for your dog. Your vet could help you in suggesting the right type and quantity of foods that could be fed to your dog. You will also need to monitor your dog’s blood sugar level and adjust the insulin levels accordingly. This could take some time and with the right diet, you could certainly ensure that your dog’s sugar levels remain within stipulated limits with the least amount of insulin.

If you cannot prepare the required foods by yourself, you can search around for natural food products that have been specially made for diabetic dogs. Ensure that the food contains low carbohydrate and sodium levels and is rich in fiber. The canned food products should also not have high preservative levels. If possible buy organic food from a reputed manufacturer. Dry dog food might also be high in fats and carbohydrates. Tempting as it may be, avoid feeding your dog only dry dog food but instead use them as rare treats to be given to your dog in addition to home made natural food or moist dog food.

You can surf the internet for various sites that offer dog food in moist and dry varieties. A moist dog dish containing chicken, rice, peas or broccoli among other vegetables and specially prepared for diabetic dogs could cost you around 13 dollars for a 12 ounce packet whereas a Royal Canin dry dog food pack of 15 lbs, again specifically made for diabetic dogs could cost around 33 dollars. You can also buy dog cookies that could cost you around 12 dollars for an 11 oz container. Ensure that the cookie treat does not contain any chemicals, dyes or other harmful additives. Any food product that you buy should be low in carbohydrates and should have just the right amount of protein and a high amount of fiber. This will enable your dog to digest these foods faster and will also be easy on its liver.

Whether you make your diabetic treats at home, buy it from the market or combine both methods to give your dog the perfect foods, make sure that you also exercise your dog regularly so that all the food that is given to it is digested efficiently. Continuous monitoring and delivery of insulin will also be required to maintain blood sugar levels within permissible limits.

Dogs with diabetes will need special care regarding their diet. But with the right combination of preparing some healthy dog food dishes at home and by buying select dog foods from reputed manufacturers and carefully reading the label of each dog food product; you can ensure that your cost of diabetic dog food remains under control as does your dog’s glucose levels.

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