tasty and good food choices for diabetics

Diabetics often face a daunting task of choosing between healthy foods that are not tasty at all against tasty foods that are not healthy. But a little ingenuity and proper knowledge can easily make them realize that there are innumerable tasty and good food choices for diabetics.

The first step towards locating tasty and healthy foods for diabetics is to locate a diabetic food pyramid, which will display all the healthy foods that can safely be eaten by them. They should also study the carbohydrate contents of such foods and make a list of all those ingredients that fall within their prescribed limits. Food exchange lists should also be referred to since these will help them to make safe exchanges between various foods within the same levels. This will increase their range of foods that can be relished without spiking sugar levels. Any 101 book on diabetes or diabetic foods by reputed authors could also make things simple to understand.

Diabetics should understand that foods such as vegetables, grains, cereals, legumes, fresh fruits and their juices, low-fat milk along with milk products and especially fat-free meats, select breeds of fish, turkey, chicken and egg whites among other healthy foods can be mixed in numerous ways to create dishes that can provide a heavenly taste along with ideal health benefits. Diabetics should remember that they need to consume fewer carbohydrates, moderate proteins and high levels of fiber. Various vegetables can be imaginatively mixed together to create salads that do not contain high levels of salt or mayonnaise but yet taste very good. Similarly chicken, fat-free bacon, beef and turkey can be grilled and made into tasty sandwiches using whole grain bread instead of white bread.

Similar dishes can be prepared using carrots, broccoli or cabbage that do not exert additional load on their liver or pancreas and in fact lower their blood sugar to a certain extent in a natural manner. Although diabetics should also avoid fast foods, they can still try to replace fried chicken, white bread buns, white pizza base, heavy salad dressings, rich cream soups and sauces with grilled chicken, whole wheat bread, lemon, margarine and other light salad dressings, if possible. These steps will let them enjoy fast foods without causing their blood sugar and cholesterol levels to rip through the meter.

Such healthy and tasty foods can also be prepared for their diabetic cat or dog. They can also buy diabetic dry foods at a reasonable cost from any of the select reputed manufacturers that have exclusively created canin foods for diabetic pets. Another healthy food choice is to go in for sugar-free versions of ice-creams, pastries and chocolates which are now available in many places, one such being Langley.

Diabetics therefore are no longer confined to a life of boiled and flavorless foods but with a little bit of imagination and the right knowledge on safe foods can easily created gastric masterpieces that are easy to make, eat and digest. There are a number of tasty and good food choices for diabetics out there and diabetics need to just take a little effort to find and make them.

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