take a healthy tour with the diabetic food guide

If you have been ignoring the healthy food guide or do not have an inkling of how a food pyramid looks like, then its time to take a health tour. If you have been diagnosed with type I or type II diabetes, then the right food guide will ensure that you remain healthy and empower your body to fight diabetes to a certain extent. Even if you are not a diabetic but have a dog or cat that is, then you can still take a healthy tour with the diabetic food guide.

A food pyramid is simply a chart that shows you the foods that you should consume in different quantities. The base of the pyramid will show various grains, breads, etc that can be consumed in higher quantities compared to the next level that shows vegetables and fruits. This level is followed by meat and milk products and other products that are rich in protein and these should be consumed in moderate quantities. The top of the pyramid consists of oily and fatty products that should consumed sparingly. However, you might not have had the time to consume the right products or might have preferred taste over health in the past. But if you have been afflicted with diabetes, then you should no longer ignore the healthy diabetic food guide since this could lead to loss of vision, kidney failure or heart trouble that could be difficult to treat when combined with your diabetic condition.

Your diet should include low levels of carbohydrates since these can spike up your blood sugar levels within a short time. Moderate levels of proteins and high levels of fiber could be the ideal diabetic diet. You can also exchange foods between various categories provided they contain same carbohydrate levels. You can find all these items at your local grocery store. Dishes made from these products need not be bland or tasteless since a little creativity can add a lot of zing and zest to any lifeless dish. Use olive oil or squeeze lemon juice to add a little flavor. Roast or grill foods instead of frying them. Use cooking sprays that provide the taste of butter or mayonnaise without the accompanying fat or carbohydrates. Calculate the carbohydrate count of each dish before you prepare it for the first time.

Strictly avoid fast food menus since most contain high levels of fat and carbohydrates along with calories. Prepare a list of dishes that you can safely eat or look up the internet to get their recipes. Your cat or dog can also get a royal treat in the form of dry canin foods that can be used to supplement its diabetic diet. In addition to a healthy diet, increase your body’s metabolism with regular exercise suitable for you and your pets. Swimming or walking will help a lot especially if you or your pet is obese. A healthy diet will enable your body to fight diabetes and you will be less dependent on insulin. In addition you will also feel fresh and cheerful when you eat the right foods from the diabetic food guide.

Eating the right food is vital for good health and instead of waiting for diabetes to tell you this fact, seize the initiative to switch to a healthier lifestyle right now. Even if you or your pet has been diagnosed with diabetes, do not worry but take a healthy tour with the diabetic food guide to keep the harmful effects of the disease at bay.

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