stay alert for foods to avoid for diabetics

If you are diabetic, then your diet will definitely need to be altered as per your age, sex and blood sugar levels. While your doctor might explain about the foods that can be enjoyed and eaten regularly, you should not lose focus on the foods that you definitely need to completely or partly avoid. For the sake of good health on a long-term basis you should always stay alert for foods to avoid for diabetics.

Diabetics will require strict control over their blood sugar levels. The problem is that all foods contain carbohydrates, which upon consumption rapidly turn into sugar and hence end up boosting blood sugar levels to undesirable levels. You will therefore need to eat those foods that are low in carbohydrates. On the other hand, your body will require protein, vitamins and fiber to maintain energy levels, help digestion, promote the growth of healthy cells and even to fight diabetes up to a certain limit. Your ideal diabetic food will be dishes that contain low levels of carbohydrates, moderate levels of protein and high levels of fiber.

Most vegetables, fruits, lean meats, low-fat milk and milk products, grains, legumes, oats and other cereals fall into this category. However, while vegetables contain ideal levels of carbohydrates, you will still require smaller servings of fresh fruits, milk products, lean meats and fish to get your quota of proteins and vitamins into your body. You can use the diabetic food pyramid as your guide to calculate the carbohydrate content of each food product and can also use exchange lists to exchange different foods within the same group for a wider range of eatable foods. Some foods, however should be avoided completely or partially since their consumption can cause blood sugar spikes, obesity and a host of complications in the future.

You should definitely avoid eating fast food products such as burgers, pizzas, hot dogs, refried beans, fried bacon, fried chicken and omlettes, among others. These foods contain high levels of fat and bad cholesterol. The meat used is usually coated with a batter and fried. They also contain large amounts of cheese, mayonnaise and white bread, which will just get converted into fat. It will also slow down your body’s metabolism thus impairing your body’s ability to fight diabetes.

If you have a sweet tooth then avoid sugar-loaded foods such as pastries, cookies, ice-cream and cakes since these contain high levels of sugar and fat. These products will cause your sugar levels to blast off and such fluctuations will require you to combat diabetes with additional insulin on a temporary basis which could be harmful if your sugar levels suddenly drop downwards. You could instead try to occasionally eat sugar-free derivatives of these foods which are now available in many areas such as Langley. These will satisfy your sweet pangs while keeping your sugar levels within safe limits. Your diabetic dog or cat should also avoid high carbohydrate intakes and you could additionally treat them with diabetic dry foods that are available through select canin food companies.

Your neighborhood grocery store will normally have all the ingredients for a healthy diet. But if you still want to eat fast food, at least try to replace the high carbohydrate foods with low carbohydrate and healthy alternatives such as fat-free lean meats, grilled chicken, tuna fish, low-fat cheese and margarine. If you stay alert for foods to avoid for diabetics, you will certainly notice a positive change in your health.

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