safe fast food menus for diabetics

If you are a diabetic, then that does not indicate the end of your wild fast food feasts although you will certainly need to put your fast food desires on a tight leash. With a little caution, you can certainly enjoy many fast food dishes without your blood sugar levels shooting through the roof. Here are some suggestions for safe fast food menus for diabetics that can be enjoyable and healthy at the same time.

It would be a good idea to plan your outing beforehand so that you have some idea as to the dishes that you could choose from when you reach your venue. If your fast food chain has a website then log on before your visit to get a virtual summary of the dishes and if possible, their carbohydrate content. This will give you an indication of those dishes that can be safely enjoyed without aggravating your blood sugar levels. If the restaurant has flexible rules, then you could also persuade the chef to conjure up dishes based on your diet.

Once inside your fast food joint, check if the chef can reduce the dressings on the salads to a diabetes-friendly level. Mayonnaise, cheese or other high-fat dressings should be replaced by olive oil, lemon juice, vinegar or margarine. Almost all vegetables are good enough to eat but stay away from soups that have cream or fried bread crumbs in them. Clear vegetable soup could be a better alternative.

During the main course too, ensure that you do not eat fried chicken or high fat meats. Stick to grilled chicken or lean cuts of various meats. Select fish like tuna too can be enjoyed. Most chefs will cater to your wishes at no additional cost. Try to include salads or boiled vegetables as important side-dishes to curtail your intake of chicken or meat to an appropriate level. If you are at a fast food joint that serves only pizzas and burgers, then try to avoid burgers that contain fried meat patties and oodles of mayonnaise. These contain only fat, harmful cholesterol and button-popping calories. Instead try to order a thin crust pizza with minimum cheese and vegetable toppings or whole wheat pizzas with chicken toppings instead of red meat ones. Sandwiches made of whole wheat that contain vegetables without any dressings are also healthy alternatives to burgers or hot dogs.

Remember to eat on time and to monitor your blood glucose levels after a fast food fling. This will indicate if any corrective steps need to be taken on the next day. Another important aspect to dieting and insulin management is exercising. Adequate exercises will enable you to burn excess fat and enable you to occasionally enjoy the forbidden joys of eating fast foods. If your dog or cat is diabetic, then it can also enjoy healthy treats in the form of dry diabetic foods. These products are now available from select manufacturers that make tasty and safe canin foods.

Although you might not be able to enjoy your fast food exploits on a large scale, which anyway could be one of the reasons that gave you diabetes in the first place, you could still compile a decent list of fast foods that you could directly enjoy or eat after minor modifications. These suggestions for safe fast food menus for diabetics will ensure that you and your taste buds remain healthy and happy after such meals.

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