remain healthy with tasty diabetic foods

If you are a diabetic then that does not spell the end of your days or nights of eating tasty foods. You can still enjoy from a wide range of diabetic foods that are not only healthy but also provide a heavenly taste. All you need is to choose the right foods that will not provoke your sugar levels to rise while at the same time provide sufficient nutrition for your body to remain healthy and your mind happy.

Your diabetes will require you to strictly control your carbohydrate and sugar intake since these will compel your blood sugar to rise to unwanted levels after each meal. You will need the help of a detailed food pyramid guide that will clearly display the foods that have low levels of carbohydrates and adequate levels of protein and fiber. Such a diet will also enable you to fight diabetes up to a certain extent in a natural way, although an insulin program will also be required. You can prepare most of the dishes yourself since this will help you to calculate and maintain track of your carbohydrate intake on a daily basis.

You can enjoy most vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, lettuce, etc along with grains including oats, rye and wheat. These foods are high in fiber and vital vitamins and help the liver and pancreas perform their tasks efficiently. You can also use your imagination to cook up dishes that contain low or no levels of oil but yet taste good. Salads sprinkled with a little olive oil and lemon can also serve as excellent side dishes.

Other diabetic foods such as low-fat milk and milk products, fresh fruits and their juices, meats such as lean and fat-free bacon, chicken, tuna fish, etc can be enjoyed in limited quantities. Again, the emphasis should be on boiling or grilling them instead of just frying them. Fruit juices should be free from added sugar or preservatives. Apples, grapes, bananas, oranges, etc can be enjoyed in small servings. You can also food exchange lists to exchange foods within similar categories if the carbohydrate levels are the same.

Avoid eating fast foods on a regular basis since they mostly contain fat and cholesterol. Sweet nothings actually carry quite a glucose-spiking punch. Hence pastries, ice-creams and cakes should be eaten very sparingly and should be reserved as special treats only. However, in places such as Langley, you can now find select stores that market sugar-free cakes, cookies and ice-creams, which you can certainly enjoy without any worry. The same goes for your diabetic cat or dog since select companies have now introduced dry foods that can be safely enjoyed by your beloved canin.

While most of the ingredients are easily available at your local grocery, you will still require a little ingenuity to whip them into tasty dishes. You can also eat at restaurants where their menus display the carbohydrate levels of each dish. A little care and observation along with a lot of self-control will go a long way in creating and enjoying diabetic foods that will keep you healthy and cheerful for a long, long time.

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