plan your diet from diabetic food products

If your doctor has just informed you that you have tested positive for diabetes, then you will need to devise a diet plan for the future. If you have eaten sinful and unhealthy foods in the past, then now is the chance to exchange your diet for a healthier one. You will realize that there is a lot to choose from diabetic food products and these foods look and taste quite good too.

If you are diabetic, you will be asked to cut down on your carbohydrate intake since this gets converted into blood sugar rapidly and poses a danger after every meal. However, this does not mean that you eat only bland food or survive on boiled vegetables for the rest of your life. Instead, just get a detailed food pyramid guide and calculate the foods that have low carbohydrate levels. You can also exchange foods across different categories in the food chart if they have the same amount of carbohydrates. Ensure that the protein levels are adequate and fiber levels are high in any product that you plan to cook or mix.

Most vegetables, whole wheat bread, oats and white meat such as chicken and even select breeds of fish can be safely eaten if you have diabetes. Fresh fruits and their juices can also be consumed in limited quantities without any problem. All these products will easily be available in your neighborhood grocery. You can make a list of all the ingredients of any dish and calculate the total carbohydrate content of the dish before you set out to buy, prepare and eat them. You will also need to constantly monitor your blood sugar levels before and after each meal to get an idea as to which dish or food product suits your body better and does not spike your glucose levels out of the safe levels.

Along with fruits, meat, whole grains, vegetables and milk products, you will now find a lot of ready made products in the market. You can now enjoy your favorite pastry, cookies, ice-creams and sweet yogurt without blowing your blood sugar levels out of the meter. Science has introduced many alternatives to sugar, which taste the same but do not spike sugar levels. You should check the other ingredients in those products and avoid those products that contain many chemicals or preservatives. These products should be enjoyed occasionally so that you do not get bored with your regular diabetic diet.

If your dog or cat has diabetes, then they too can enjoy these royal treats in the form of dry foods that have been introduced by select reputed companies after years of research. Such canin foods can be very tasty and some also feature additional vitamins and other nutrients that can help your cat or dog with their coats, bones and teeth. Again, it is imperative that you check their glucose levels regularly and also exercise them adequately.

Hence, it is not the end of the tasty road if you or your pets suffer from diabetes. The only difference now is that the key word should be changed to healthy and moderation. With so many diabetic food products now available off-the-shelf, you should not have a problem in finding the right food products for yourself or your pets.

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