plan healthy menus from the list of good food for diabetics

Among other things, diabetics might nurture a nagging fear that the disease might not allow then to eat tasty foods but instead confine them to fixed and boring menus. On the other hand, they might not have an appropriate list of good food for diabetics from which they could make suitable choices. Here are some foods that could satisfy their taste buds and also help them to stay healthy.

Diabetics need to consume more vegetables and grains, oats and cereals since these foods are ideal for maintaining and improving their health. Vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, spinach, carrots and beans can easily be transformed into scrumptious dishes with the help of garlic, ginger, pepper and lemon juice. Diabetics will not need to douse these vegetables in rich sauces or gravies and instead, a little bit of imagination along with a few 101 diabetic diet cook books will help them devise ingenious methods to cook up the same vegetables in many different styles and combinations.

A diabetic food pyramid guide along with food exchange lists will provide a safe way for diabetics to calculate and choose the right ingredients for their menus. The ideal foods should contain low amounts of carbohydrates, fats and sugar, moderate amount of proteins and high amounts of fiber. Fruits can also be added to this list but since they are also loaded with sugar, they should be eaten in smaller portions. Fruits such as bananas, oranges, strawberries, grapes and apples can easily be added to the list and enjoyed in fruit or juice form. Milk and various milk products such as cheese, tofu and yogurt can also be added to the list provided diabetics stick to the low or no fat varieties. These too should be consumed in small quantities.

Diabetics who love meat will need to shift to skinless turkey and chicken and lean beef or bacon instead of the high-calorie versions. They can grill, bake or boil these meats and even eat them with tasty vegetable dishes. Diabetics should however avoid frying them or eating them in fast food joints. They can use their imagination to turn them into tasty sandwiches using whole grain bread, low-fat cheese or a little margarine or just add them to their salads. Diabetics addicted to sweets will have to shift to sugar-free versions of pastries, cakes, cookies and ice-creams, which are available in select stores in places such as Langley, although these too will have to be consumed only on special occasions.

A diabetic dog or cat can also be fed healthy and tasty foods from this list. Its diet can be supplemented with diabetic dry foods that have been introduced in the market through few canin food manufacturers. These dry foods contain added vitamins and nutrients that can result in the dog or cat sporting a shiny coat along with healthy bones and teeth.

Diabetics will be able to locate all the foods at their neighborhood grocery store and with this list of good food for diabetics they will be able to chart out a plan to create delicious dishes that will help them to remain healthy in a natural way.

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