plan an ideal food plan for diabetics

Diabetics need to monitor their blood glucose levels constantly so that their insulin doses can be adjusted accordingly. But if they do not have an ideal food plan, then they might end up with high sugar levels after each meal which in turn would require higher doses of insulin. This could be dangerous, and a healthy and tasty food plan for diabetics would certainly help them to eat their food without compromising on their health.

Diabetics might find that all of a sudden, more emphasis is given by their doctor on calculating carbohydrate levels before each meal. The reason is that higher carbohydrate content in certain foods will quickly turn into blood sugar and boost glucose levels outside their safe limits. Hence diabetics will need to calculate carbohydrate levels first followed by fat, sugar, sodium, protein and fiber levels before they make any plan to consume any dish of their choice. They can make these plans after scrutinizing the diabetic food pyramid guide that will inform them about the foods that they can consume in higher, moderate and low quantities.

Vegetables, grains, oats and cereals can provide high fiber with low carbohydrates and are ideal for diabetics. Fresh fruits, milk and milk products, lean red meats, chicken, tofu, tuna fish, etc can be consumed in limited quantity since they are a good source of protein but have slightly higher carbohydrate levels. Fatty and sugary products such as fried chicken, bacon, cookies, cakes, chocolates, pastries and ice-cream should be consumed as little as possible or replaced with sugar-free versions although the quantity should still be curtailed.

Diabetics should certainly avoid eating fast foods which contain a lot of harmful fat and cholesterol. If the restaurant menus mention the total carbohydrate and calorie figures, then diabetics can choose the ones that offer the best combination of health and taste. Diabetics can also check food exchange lists that can offer them a chance to swap tasteless foods in favor of tasty foods that have the same amount of carbohydrates, fat, protein and fiber levels. A diabetic dog or cat will also need to follow a similar food plan so that they remain healthy and happy. They can also be provided with tasty dry treats made by select canin food manufacturers.

In addition to the food plan, another plan involving regular exercise routines is equally important. This will help raise the body’s metabolism and enable diabetics to burn off excess fat while retaining precious muscle. This will also help their body to fight their disease to a certain level on its own. Excess fat prevents the liver and pancreas from performing at optimal levels. An exercise plan will complement the food plan and make it successful.

An ideal food plan for diabetics will ensure a fine balance of health and taste for diabetics that will enable them to remain fresh and energized while also helping their body to remain safe from the long-term effects of diabetes. Such a plan will also enable diabetics to make informed choices about the foods that they want to eat. It will also help them to avoid eating any foods that might increase their blood sugar to dangerous levels.

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