pay heed to diabetic foods to avoid

If you have been diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, your doctor might put you on a strict regimen of insulin immediately. Along with medical treatment however, you will also need to modify your diet to a great extent, since a diet that maintains your blood glucose levels at optimum levels will help your body to remain safe from the damaging effects of diabetes in the long run. Even as you learn about the ideal food products for your new diet, you should simultaneously pay heed to diabetic foods to avoid.

The treatment of diabetes will involve insulin doses in the form of shots or pills depending on the type and severity of diabetes. The main aim of this treatment is to provide your body with sufficient amount of insulin that your pancreas is unable to produce in part or full. The problem is that your body’s blood sugar levels will also rise substantially after each meal. Hence you will need to control the level of sugar created in your body after each meal by reducing your intake of carbohydrate, sugar and fat in each meal while ensuring that your protein and fiber intake is adequate for maintaining your body at ideal health levels.

This will lead you to your next step and that is to identify items with less carbohydrate, fat, sugar and even sodium levels. You can use the food pyramid guide to find out about the healthy and safe foods that can be consumed if you have diabetes. The food guide will also give you a list of items such as red meat, pastries, chocolates, white bread, donuts, mayonnaise, chips and fries, among many others that are usually standard items in many fast food menus, but in effect are not good for health, especially if you are a diabetic. These foods have to be avoided at all costs since they might raise your blood sugar to unsafe levels. A high fat and sodium content in food products will make you obese or raise your blood pressure to high levels and can be dangerous if you are already suffering from diabetes.

If your dog or cat is diabetic, then they too will need to be put on a similar diet and will need to avoid foods that can impair their liver and pancreas from functioning at optimum levels. Food exchange programs can also be utilized to exchange food products that have similar levels of carbohydrates. But foods that need to be avoided at any cost should not be touched however high the temptation. If you are at a fast food joint or any other restaurant, you might find the nutritional contents of each dish written next to the item in the menu. Even if it is not mentioned, you might still be able to request the chef to replace high-carbohydrate items such as red meat, cheese, mayonnaise, etc with grilled chicken, etc. Some areas such as Langley now feature specialty shops that make products such as pastries, cookies and many, many more products that are especially created for diabetics. These products are quite safe to consume as long as you remain in control. There are also quite a few drinks that can be consumed by diabetics, which are quite tasty and can also keep you adequately hydrated.

Although you might have limited choices in your food and drinks, it is imperative that you strictly avoid the foods that can simply pose a danger to your health. If you have a list of diabetic foods to avoid in your hand, it will become quite easy to stay clear of them or only eat alternatives that will not adversely affect your health.

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