learn to identify safe food for diabetics

If you have been caught in the clutches of diabetes, then do not worry. You can still live a long, normal and healthy life provided you make certain changes in your lifestyle. Your first and foremost act should be to identify and compile a list of safe food for diabetics.

A diabetic food pyramid guide will prove to be very helpful, since it will allow you to understand the foods that are safe for your health along with those foods that are not. Food exchange lists will also enable you to replace certain foods that you might not relish with other foods that have the same carbohydrate, fat, sugar and protein content. This will increase your choices of eating healthy foods that also taste delicious. Certain 101 diabetic diet books could also help you to seek out safe foods that can be hastily and tastily prepared. All the ingredients used in these foods can be easily procured from your local grocery store.

You might cringe at the thought that you will need to eat most vegetables in substantial quantities as compared to other food products since vegetables contain low carbohydrate, fat and sugar levels but moderate to high protein and fiber content, which incidentally is good for your body’s digestive system. You can create various delightful dishes with peas, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, onions, potatoes, carrots. You can either convert them into salads using a teaspoon of mayonnaise along with a little pepper and lemon juice or cook them up in a sauce or gravy containing ginger, chilies and garlic along with parsley or toasted nuts. This could provide a royal look to your dishes while adding a distinct flavor to them at the same time.

Similarly, you can also eat fruits, drink fruit juices and enjoy low-fat milk and low-fat milk products in the form of cheese, tofu and yogurt in limited portions spread out throughout the day. You will however need to avoid eating at fast food joints that only serve up fixed menus consisting of burgers, pizzas, fries or refried beans. Instead make your own fast food dishes at home by using skinless chicken or turkey or lean meats such as beef or pork. Grill them and use low-fat cheese and whole grain bread to make your own version of a tasty sandwich or burger. Pastries, cakes and cookies will be unsafe for diabetics but you can convert them into safe food if you moderately consume the sugar-free varieties of such foods which are now available in different stores in places such as Langley.

If you have a diabetic dog or cat, then you will need to compile a similar safe food list so that their sugar levels remain within the approved limits. You can also feed them diabetic dry foods that contain extra vitamins and other vital nutrients that can give them healthy teeth and bones and a shiny coat. These dry foods are now available at select canin food stores.

A detailed list of safe food for diabetics will help you to eat the right foods and a little ingenuity will allow you to experiment with these food products to create tasty dishes that are also beneficial for your health.

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