importance of type ii diabetes diet health plan

diabetes, a life threatening disease has affected large number of people across the globe. A balanced diet is what is required to control this disease. Though there is no specific diet as diabetes diet, one needs to monitor the intake of carbohydrates. Meal planning plays an important role for people suffering from type II diabetes. Making a healthy choice of food in your diet is the best way to control your blood sugar levels. Type II diabetes is a hereditary disease; however, it can strike anyone who is obese, leads a sedentary life and has no family history of diabetes. It generally strikes in adulthood. Special care has to be taken to make sure there are no serious consequences of this disease.

Negligence towards this life threatening disease can cost you your life. The best precaution to keep diabetes in control is, following a healthy diet plan. Type II diabetes diet health plan should include food that keeps you in good shape and maintains your sugar levels. Carbohydrates being the main source of sugar should be limited in your diet. However, there are 2 types of carbohydrates; the simple one is normal sugar while the complex is the starches. A diabetic person should include complex carbohydrates in his/her meal. This can be obtained from brown rice, wholegrain, nuts, vegetables and beans.

A healthy type II diabetic diet should have 20 percent of fats, 20 percent of proteins and up to 50 to 55 percent of carbohydrates. All the essential vitamins and minerals should reach your body for its proper functioning. For the intake of fats, a teaspoon of margarine or peanut butter is good with 2 slice of bread. 2 servings of fruits should be included in your daily meals. Vegetables in the form of soup or sandwich are delicious as well as healthy. You can also steam your favorite vegetables to make a wholesome meal.

Poultry and dairy products should be a part of diabetic diets. Fish and eggs are good source of proteins and other vitamins and you must have them in small amounts. Chicken or turkey breast is also healthy and you can either roast or bake them for a yummy meal. Sour cream, skimmed milk and yoghurt can be taken daily in small proportions. Cheese, margarine, and peanut butter can be a part of your diabetic diet.

Diabetics, who find it hard to stay away from sweets, can now indulge in them. Well, replace the normal sweets with the ones that are made with artificial sugars. Artificial sugars do not contain any calories which makes the sweets healthy. However, over eating these sweets should also be avoided. Before following any type II diabetic diet, it is advisable to consult your dietitian or doctor.
Having awareness regarding various food groups will help you plan your own meals. Also monitor your intakes of calories during every meal to control your sugar levels. There are plenty of Type II diabetic diet health plan to choose from. Depending upon your body type, age and gender you will need to make a choice amongst various food groups.

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