healthy foods that diabetics can eat

If you have just been diagnosed with type I or type II diabetes, then you will need to follow 3 routines regularly. These are a healthy diet, regular exercise and regular monitoring and administration of insulin. If you are worried that you might lose out on eating a lot of tasty foods then nudge that thought out of your mind. There are lots of foods that diabetics can eat that not only provide nutrition but will also please you with their taste and texture.

Once you contract diabetes then your main priority should be taking care of your health and ensuring that your blood sugar levels stay within safe limits. You can eat most of the foods that you previously had but with modifications and in different portions. Vegetables will assume prime importance in a diabetic diet since they are low in carbohydrates and high in fiber. In other words, they will not spike your blood sugar levels after every meal. Although you might cringe at the thought of eating vegetables, they can be boiled, mashed, turned into delicious soups or salads or just be added to various other foods that you can now have in limited quantities. You can also eat them with various grains, cereals and oats since these foods too offer high amounts of fiber.

Milk and milk products such as cheese, tofu and yogurt can also be enjoyed as long as they are low-fat and in smaller portions. Fruits and fruit juices too fall in the same category. However, avoid canned fruit juices since they might contain high levels of added sugar along with harmful additives. While it could be difficult for you to give up meat if you are a meat lover, you can still shift to lean and fat-free meats including bacon, beef, chicken, turkey, tuna fish, salmon, egg whites, etc. These foods are rich in protein but also carry a high level of carbohydrates. Hence you should enjoy them in moderation. Instead of frying them though, try to roast, grill or boil them or put them in a light sauce. You can also use salads or brown breads as accompaniments to your meat delicacies so that you stay within your carbohydrate and calorie limits.

A diabetic food pyramid guide will help you a lot in helping you to calculate the carbohydrate content of each food before you prepare it. You can also buy a diabetic 101 food book that might explain your disease and diet in simple terms. You should also utilize food exchange lists that will allow you to swap foods within the same level, provided their carbohydrate, fat, protein and calorie counts are similar, thus allowing you to change over to tastier foods. If your cat or dog is diabetic, then it too can enjoy a similar diet along with dry foods that are available at a reasonable cost and which have specially been introduced by select canin food companies.

On the other hand, you should definitely avoid fat and sugar laden foods such as chocolates, pastries, ice cream, hot dogs, burgers and French fries, among many others. You might still be able to get sugar-free versions of chocolates and ice-creams in many places including Langley. Hence you can see that in-spite of being diabetic you can still enjoy a wide range of foods that are healthy and tasty at the same time. You can check out a list of foods that diabetics can eat before you embark on your new health regime involving diet, exercise and insulin.

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