healthy foods for diabetics can be tasty too

If you are diabetic then you will not need to choose between tasty or healthy foods. In fact, with a little ingenuity in your mind and the diabetic food pyramid guide and food exchange lists in your hands, you can have the best of both. With a little effort, you too can find tasty yet healthy foods for diabetics.

Once you are afflicted with diabetes you will constantly need to monitor your daily calorie intake. But monitoring only calories is not enough. You will need to consume fewer carbohydrates, sugars, fats along with adequate levels of protein and high levels of fiber. Most vegetables fall in this category and you can either cook tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, peas, cabbages and even legumes in a light gravy or sauce or simply toss them in a salad of your choice. You will however need to ensure that your salad is not drenched in mayonnaise or cheese. Instead, use a teaspoon of mayonnaise along with a little low-fat cheese and squeeze a lemon along with spices such as pepper over your salad. You are sure to get a tasty yet healthy salad that could make a great starter or a filling side-dish.

You can also enjoy fruits and fruit juices although you might need to cut down on the portion size due to the presence of natural sugar in most fruits. The same applies for milk and milk products. Low-fat milk, cheese, yogurt and tofu can be turned into delicious snacks and you could have fat-free popcorn, crackers or a slice or two of whole grain bread with a little margarine to go with it. You can split your large meals and snacks into 4 to 5 mini-meals or snacks so that your sugar levels remain within the prescribed limits. This strategy will also help your digestion as will regular exercising.

Your passion for fried and fat-laden red meat might have to go out of the window. In its place, you could eat lean meat, bacon, turkey, chicken and even tuna fish or salmon. However, say goodbye to those days of coating it in thick batter and frying it in oil. Instead, boil it, grill it or just roast it. Grilled skinless chicken or turkey can be used in whole grain sandwiches along with other vegetables. These make for great succulent snacks or luscious light meals. Use cooking sprays that mimic butter. You can also use a little olive oil in your dishes. These foods can also be used to curtail your hunger for fast food, which you will be told by your doctor to avoid anyway. To satisfy your sweet tooth, opt for sugarless varieties of pastries, cookies and ice-creams. These are now available in many places including Langley and you can enjoy them in moderation.

If your cat or dog is diabetic, then it too should be fed a similar diet that does not contain high fat and carbohydrate levels. It can also be given treats in the form of dry foods that have entered the market through the efforts of select reputed canin food companies. The ingredients of your own diet will also be easily available at your local grocery store and all you will need to do before you start preparing these tasty yet healthy foods for diabetics is to just calculate the carbohydrate and calorie content of each dish and make a list of all the dishes that you can safely prepare and enjoy.

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