healthy diets for diabetes a must for controlling blood sugar levels

diabetes is a chronic disorder that can affect anyone. Both young and the old are becoming easy prey to this dreadful disease. A disease like diabetes can be controlled only with the help of healthy diets. A person detected with diabetes needs to alter his/her food habits in order to stay in good health. There are no specific healthy diets for diabetes as every food when eaten in small amount works well. A good knowledge regarding various food groups helps in planning the diabetic diets.

Although there is no specific diet for diabetes, people suffering from this disease need to monitor their intake of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates being the main source of glucose, one needs to limit its intake. However, at the same time carbohydrates helps generate energy in the body and thus it is essential to include it in small amounts. Complex carbohydrates that are found in wholegrain are preferable over simple carbohydrates. Most diabetics assume that they will have to shun fats completely of their meal. However, a small percentage of fats are required for the body and need to included in the diet.

To maintain your blood sugar levels, you need to make healthy food choices. Depending upon your body type, the doctor will recommend the number of calories you need to intake. Choose food in your diabetic diets that will help you get the required amount of calories. Consultation with a dietitian will help you plan healthy diabetic diets. A planner and monitoring tool comes in handy for diabetics. You can note down all your daily meals and also keep a check on sugar levels.

Healthy diets for diabetics should include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. 2 servings of fruits along with 3 servings of vegetables is a must on a daily basis for a diabetic. It is best to avoid food that is fried or oily and the one that is high on calories. Replace white rice with brown rice and don’t have more than a bowl in a day. You can also try some pasta made out of whole grains. To make the diabetic diet look delicious, try preparing a salad with cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and small piece of chicken breast. Eggs and fish are equally important in a diabetic diet. They are a good source of proteins and other vitamins.

Dairy products should also be part of diabetic meals. Skimmed milk, sour cream and yoghurt in small proportions are healthy for your body. Margarine and peanut butter with a slice of bread helps to get the small percent of fat during breakfast. Include nuts and herbal tea or coffee in your snacks. Diabetics who love to binge on sweets must go for sweets made with artificial sweeteners. Diabetics too can enjoy cakes and cookies made with a sugar substitutes that contain zero calories. Although they contain no calories, overindulgence should be avoided.

Healthy diets for diabetics will differ from person to person depending upon other health factors. Always crosscheck with your dietitian before indulging in any new diabetic meal plan.

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