healthy diet plan to prevent childhood diabetes

diabetes is nothing short of an epidemic and has made toddlers and growing kids its prey. Blame it on today’s lifestyle or environmental factors, diabetes has been spreading like a fire. With type I diabetes is a commonly found disease in children; the only way to protect your kid is by following a healthy diet. Diabetes is a dreadful and incurable disease that can prove fatal if taken lightly. Precaution is the only way to keep diabetes at bay and lead a healthy life. There are several healthy diet plans to prevent childhood diabetes. Consult your doctor today to learn about healthy meals for growing kids.

True that a growing kid requires good amount of food, however, more than that the quality of food is what matters. Stuffing your child with any kind of food that is available is a wrong idea. Providing him/her with a balanced diet is important for the proper nourishment of the body. Avoid fried and junk food as it is one of major causes of diabetes among kids. Spices and oily food is only nice to taste and does no good to your stomach. Include more of raw food products to help you child get essential nutrients naturally.

Following a regular meal pattern will help the body to function well. 4 meals during the day is a must. Depending on the age and weight, the serving of each food will differ. If your child is on the obese side, make instant efforts to help him/her shed of the excess flab. Obesity is another factor that causes diabetes. If your child is already obese you would need to alter his/her meals and monitor the intake of fatty foods. Always make a healthy choice when planning your child’s diet.

Any food when taken in small proportion is healthy. Include fresh vegetables and fruits in your child’s daily meals. 1 serving of fruit after every 2 meals works best. All types of berries, apple, peach and banana are some healthy choices amongst fruits. Vegetables are a must and should be given in any form. Vegetable soup, or sandwich or steamed vegetables tastes good and is healthy as well. Cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, beans, onions, and broccoli should be used to prepare healthy salads. Dairy and poultry products are equally essential for proteins and vitamins. Eggs and fish not only taste good but are essential for your child’s development.

If your child is fond of sweets, make sure he/she does not overindulge in it as it can result in fatal consequences. If your child is over weight prepare sweets from artificial sugars and use ingredients that are fat free. Whole grains are good source of complex carbohydrates and get converted into starch at a slower rate; this is healthy for our body. Cheese, peanut butter, margarine, yoghurt, cream with low sugar and nuts are recommended.

It is best you keep a track of your child’s food habits. Help your bundle of joy lead a carefree life, by inculcating the habit of healthy eating. You can always cross check with your family doctor and plan a perfect meal for your child. Precaution is the only way to keep your child away from diabetes related complications.

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