healthy and tasty food for diabetics

People afflicted with diabetes can get depressed thinking that they might have to live the rest of their lives eating just bland, boiled or raw food. However, this is not the case and there are loads of dishes that can offer diabetics immense health benefits without sacrificing taste. This healthy and tasty food for diabetics can keep blood sugar levels under control and also tickle the taste buds at the same time.

While ordinary folks need to watch out for fat, cholesterol and calorie levels of various foods, diabetics additionally need to pay greater attention to carbohydrate levels since it is this factor that can end up spiking blood sugar levels to cross the prescribed limit. A limit on carbohydrate levels will ensure good health but simultaneously will also reduce some food products that diabetics can eat. Diabetics will first need to study the food pyramid guide to find out those food products that are low in carbohydrate, fat, sugar and sodium but also contain sufficient levels of protein and fiber. Such foods will help in keeping the diabetic’s liver and pancreas working at optimum capacity.

The ideal foods to fall under this bracket are almost all vegetables, whole grains, oats and other cereals. Diabetics can eat these in sufficient quantities provided they are not fried or doused in fatty sauces or dressings. Diabetics can also enjoy fresh fruits and their juices but in limited quantity since the carbohydrate and sugar content in fruits is comparatively higher than in vegetables. Meat products too can be enjoyed provided they are low-fat and grilled or roasted instead of being slathered in batter and fried in oil or butter. Grilled chicken along with various salads sprinkled with lemon juice can provide taste and nutrition without any damaging effects.

Diabetics can also enjoy fast foods albeit with a lot of caution and flexibility. If the chef can be persuaded to replace ingredients such as mayonnaise, high-fat red meat, butter, cheese, etc with lemon juice, skinless chicken, low-fat cheese, margarine, etc, then diabetics can enjoy their outings without any worries. However, they should avoid places where only fixed-menu burgers, pizzas and French-fries are available since that would certainly spike their sugar levels way beyond their normal range. Sugary desserts such as pastries, cookies, cakes and ice-creams can be replaced by sugar-free version that provide the same taste minus the calories, although these too should be enjoyed occasionally. Many places including Langley now have such stores that cater such treats to diabetics.

Diabetic dogs and cats too have a chance to enjoy tasty and healthy treats in the form of dry foods that have been brought into the market by select reputed canin food manufacturers. Food exchange lists also provide diabetics a chance to change over from unwanted foods to foods of their choice, provided the carbohydrate, protein and calorie levels are similar.

Hence, although diabetes might curtail the input of fatty and high-carbohydrate foods to a certain extent, there are still countless food products that offer a healthier alternative. Food for diabetics can certainly be tasty provided a little imagination is used and the right calculations are made before any cooking plan is implemented.

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