get the best out of the diabetic food list

If you are a diabetic, then you will not need to kiss your taste buds goodbye. Instead, you can use your imagination and the foods from the diabetic food list to toss-up various dishes that can tickle your taste buds and yet keep you healthy. Even though your range of food products might have narrowed down, there is no limit to the number of dishes that you can cook-up from these healthy foods.

Diabetics should stay away from carbohydrates that have the ability to increase sugar levels within a short time. This could be dangerous since sugar levels usually fluctuate before and after each meal and it is vital that this fluctuation remain within specified limits. You should first check the food pyramid guide and locate the items that have low carbohydrates and fat levels along with moderate protein levels and high fiber levels. This combination will help you to remain energetic after each meal as well as contain your sugar levels to a certain extent. Hence you will need to calculate the total carbohydrates of each prepared dish after adding the carbohydrates of each food product that goes into making it.

Once you have a list of the food products that are ideal for your health, then you can also prepare menus that utilize these food products. You can exchange food products across different food categories as long as they contain the same carbohydrate levels. This will enable you to eat foods of your choice. A definite plan will help you to assemble all the ingredients from your local grocery store before you start preparing it. If your dog or cat has diabetes, then you could just supplement its diet with royal dry foods that are specifically made for any canin and which can also help in keeping the glucose levels under control. These products also offer a great treat to the taste buds of your diabetic dog or cat.

In your case, though, you might be better off creating your own dishes using a variety of healthy products such as grilled chicken, broccoli, legumes, oats, tuna, salmon, herring, wild rice, whole grain bread, and many more such items. You can eat most vegetables and even fruits provided you help yourself to smaller portions of fruits. Anyway, make it a point to avoid eating fast food or if you just cannot stay away from it, at least remove red meat, cheese and mayonnaise and replace it with grilled chicken and cooking sprays that mimic butter or cheese.

An immediate positive indication that you will observe by sticking to the appropriate food list is that your sugar levels will stop fluctuating wildly. You will be able to rationalize your insulin dosages to a great extent and maybe even lower it if your doctor too is happy with the results. A healthy diet should be accompanied by a regular regimen of exercise since this will help you in burning fat and raising your metabolism, which in turn will help you to better manage your glucose levels.

While your diabetic cat or dog might be able to enjoy dry treats from time to time, you too can select innumerable items from your diabetic food list to prepare lip smacking delicacies without any fear of provoking your disease.

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