get healthy and tasty diabetic dry cat food for your cat

If your cat is diabetic then a combination of ideal diabetic cat food, exercise and regular monitoring along with correct insulin doses will be required to keep it healthy and purring happily. On the other hand, a diabetic cat’s diet is quite different from a diabetic human or dog’s diet and hence special care needs to be taken to ensure that it gets the right food. A healthy diet could include your own dishes along with tasty and healthy treats in the form of diabetic dry cat food.

Unlike diabetic humans and dogs, which require a diet that consists of low carbohydrates and high fiber, cats have a different metabolism that does not require high levels of fiber. A cat in the wild would normally survive on small birds and mice. It might not be able to digest a low carbohydrate diet that is very rich in fiber. Its ideal diet would be a low carbohydrate, fat and sugar diet, which is rich in proteins but only contains moderate amount of fiber.

You can scout around for a food pyramid guide and pick out those food products that fall into the above category. Your vet will also be able to guide you out. However, you will need to differentiate between animal proteins and vegetable proteins that will help you avoid the use of too many vegetables and even grains in your dishes. If you find that there are only a small number of dishes that you can conjure up for your diabetic cat, then you can heave a sigh of relief. Some reputed companies have now come out with special dry food products for cats after years of research. These dry foods contain the right amount of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, sodium and additionally also contain essential vitamins and other nutrients that your own diet might not be able to provide.

These diabetic cat foods will ensure that your cat gets all the right nutrients that will keep its blood sugar levels in the required safe range. This will also result in your cat getting a better sheen on its coat and healthier bones and teeth. It will also seem livelier and happier. You should anyway avoid feeding your diabetic cat any regular dry or moist readymade food since those foods are rich in carbohydrates. While you might find most of the allowed meats and vegetables from your neighborhood grocery store, you might find diabetic cat food in most of the reputed canin stores around your house. Remember that along with the right diet, you will also need to check your cat’s blood sugar levels at regular intervals and give it the required insulin shots. Your cat will also need to be exercised regularly since an obese cat will have a harder time in fighting diabetes than a healthy and lean one.

You can therefore complement your own cooked dishes with the right diabetic dry cat food so that your cat gets the best of all worlds, i.e. good taste and good nutrition. Remember to keep your cat adequately hydrated too. This combination will enable your cat to purr away to a long and healthy life.

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