food exchange lists for diabetics 101

Diabetes places restrictions on one’s diet and if you are suffering from diabetes, then you could be wishing for a wider variety of foods that can be eaten without jeopardizing blood sugar levels. Luckily food exchange lists for diabetics makes this job quite easy and tasty too.

The diabetic food pyramid guide that you should procure will show you the different foods that can be safely eaten without spiking blood sugar levels. The pyramid consists of various levels that taper at the top. The bottom level begins with fresh vegetables, grains and cereals that you should eat the most. These contain high levels of fiber, which will benefit your digestive system and help in controlling diabetes naturally to a certain extent. The next level consists of fruits, fruit juices and milk products that can be enjoyed in moderation. The subsequent level contains meat products and meat substitutes followed by the topmost level that needs to be trodden with great care. This level consists of fried, fatty and sugary delights that need to be taken in very small quantities and that too, only occasionally.

If you are a diabetic, then you will closely need to monitor your carbohydrate intake during each meal so as to maintain blood sugar levels within the prescribed limit. You will also need to calculate the total calorie count of each food product and of the finished dish too. This could get a little boring since you might have to eat foods that only fall within the prescribed limits. Food exchange lists basically allow you to swap food products across the same carbohydrate level. Of course, you will also need to keep an eye on the fat, protein and calorie count of each product although carbohydrates should definitely be your main concern. Hence, you can substitute your lentils with lean meats provided the carbohydrate count remains the same.

Similarly you can also exchange vegetables with cereals up to a certain limit. You can also exchange meat products for various fish like tuna that have the same carbohydrate, fat and calorie content. The advantage of food exchange lists is that you can now choose from a wider range of food products. You are no longer confined to eating foods that you might detest. Even when scanning menus in fast food joints, you can exchange certain foods with others that might be healthier, although you should avoid eating at such places as much as possible. If your cat or dog is diabetic, then you can still use exchange lists to feed it with treats that do not spike up their sugar levels. Many reputed canin companies have now come up with dry foods that provide the ideal level of carbohydrates along with proteins and fiber that could suit your cat or dog.

Food exchange lists for diabetics provide increased choices especially for people that might like to eat more of vegetarian or non-vegetarian foods. These lists also ensure that your blood sugar remains within a safe level after each meal. For occasional sweet treats, many stores have also popped up in places like Langley that provide sugar-free cakes, cookies and ice-creams that can be enjoyed without any danger. Use these food exchange lists to plan out the tastiest foods that can provide the best nutrition and also maintain your glucose levels within limits.

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