feed the ideal diabetic cat food to your cat

If your cat has diabetes, then you will need to pay close attention to its modified diet since the right diet will be enable you to keep your cat lively and happy and also take care of blood sugar levels at the same time. Here are some vital tips to feed the ideal diabetic cat food to your cat.

Most humans, dogs and cats are afflicted with diabetes when their pancreas is unable to fully process and produce ideal levels of insulin. Humans and dogs that are diabetic will need to change their diets to foods that are rich in fiber but low in carbohydrates, fat and protein. But cats, on the other hand will need a specialized diet. The natural food of cats is usually small birds and mice. These foods are rich in water content but have low levels of carbohydrates. Cats are also not built to eat large quantities of vegetables in their diet.

Hence when you plan their diabetic cat food diet, you will need to pay close attention to these facts. Their new diet will require low levels of carbohydrates, high levels of protein and moderate levels of fiber. Any meat that you feed to your diabetic cat will now need to be checked for the carbohydrate content first. You can use the food pyramid guide as a base for your new plan. Bear in mind that you will also need to calculate the level of animal protein and carbohydrate instead of vegetable protein and carbohydrate levels. If you are making the food dishes yourself, then you should avoid adding too many vegetables or grain in your cat’s diet. You can also exchange foods from among the various food categories if the carbohydrate content is the same, but first ensure that your cat is able to digest the food product safely.

There are also a host of reputed cat food manufacturers that have realized a growing need of diabetic cat food products and have chipped in with their own versions of cat food in moist and dry forms. Remember that cats get a lot of water from the food itself, so if you are feeding it dry foods, then make sure that you also coax it to drink more water. There are various manufacturers that have done a lot of research into the needs of diabetic dogs and cats and have come up with ideal solutions personally suited to each canin. The cost of such products is quite reasonable and the time saved in cooking up meals for your cat from your now-limited range is also substantial. You can easily use these commercial cat foods as a supplement to the new diet that you are feeding your cat.

Although, most items for your diabetic cat’s new diet could be available at your local grocery store, you can still supplement its diet with readymade cat food that additionally have extra vitamins and other vital nutrients that could enable your cat to remain healthy, develop a rich and smooth coat and even decrease the plaque on its teeth. A regular insulin delivery and monitoring system and a regular exercise routine will help along with the right diabetic cat food to keep your precious cat healthy and happy.

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